Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ending My Blog

Since June of 2010, I have created and entered 837 blog posts here.  That's 6 years of blogging about nothing.  For those who have stuck it out and hung in there the whole time, God bless you!  Your presence in my life these past six years has often brought a smile to my face and happiness to my heart.  There's no friend like a blogging friend!  They seem to love you from the inside out.  

I've decided to shut down my blog on blogger and go in a new direction.  Gracie's tired.  I'm tired.  We tend look at one another and say, "Now what?"

I have made so many wonderful friends here, and I would love to continue to follow your blogs and keep in touch...  so I will search out my regular visitors and follow them if that is possible to do.  I'm not sure how this blog thing works, but my intentions are to build on a blog I had started years ago through WordPress and never did a whole lot with.

For those who want details or to follow me through my WordPress blog, please email me at bobbiejophillip@yahoo.com and I will send you a link when I get it up and running.  It might be a week or so..  WordPress seems to me to be a bit more complicated than blogger.

I'm interested in putting this blogger blog onto book... just because I do silly things like that.   I saw once where someone actually had that done with their blog.  Does anyone know an easy way of doing that?

Anyway, This blog will be up for another couple of days before I retire it....  And then we're moving on ;-)

Gracie has a Facebook page for those who are interested in keeping up with her.

I am not sure how this will work.  I may have to stay on blogger in some form in order to be able to visit you and comment on your blogs.  I will be work-shopping all that.

All for now..  Gracie and me


  1. Oh No....I'm going to really miss you if you leave. I would love to have your new blog address. We don't do Facebook. Hopefully you'll reconsider and just leave this blog intact so we can hop over once in a while and just say HI! We always read your posts but just haven't done too much commenting on anything with all these Internet issues at our new house. Wishing you the best of luck with your future blog and also sending lots of love!


  2. I will follow you wherever you are:). I love you and Gracie! Have a blessed day and safe travels in your new direction.

  3. I sent an email to you; I look forward to reading what you share on your new blog. Sometimes change is a good thing and it sounds like it will be in your case with the new direction you are taking :) I have enjoyed though all you have shared here.

    I don't know how to make your blog into a book; I did it one time for a short blog I had but tried to do it for a longer one and it just didn't seem to work. I bet there are programs out there though that will help you transform the blog into a book format.

    When you are ready, set this blog as a private blog so no one will be able to access it, but then you'll still get notices of people's blogging on Dashboard if you want to follow along their blogs. That might work :)

    Good luck!


  4. Do you remember "Life with Jack and Jill?" I wish I had kept it. I only saved the cabin story and I'm ever so sorry. When it was gone, it was G-O-N-E!

    Some company will make your blog into a book - but considering how long you've had Growing Old With Gracie, I believe it would cost a small fortune and weigh like one of those giant dictionaries. Just google it.

    If you're changing over, put me on your list for email notifications. I lost some of my followers because of blogger's newest rules about who they let comment ... not everyone had a google account.

    You do know that you aren't boring, right? I love reading about what goes on with you, your family and Gracie. I guess, you have to do what you feel is best, but ...

  5. I haven't commented very much, but I've been a reader. Thanks for sharing and wishing you well. I will be in touch to see your new blog.

  6. I have just been a stalker and a reader, as I've struggled to keep going too. This is why I totally understand how life takes you in new directions and you have to go where it is leading you - The fun adventure awaits!!!

  7. tell me it isn't so. I can not imagine life without you and Gracie. Please let me follow you to the next venture. LOVE you both. GOOD LUCK as you head down the road.

  8. I think its obvious that we are struggling ,,,, struggling hard.
    Do you see its obvious?
    Do what you need to do,,,
    Survive,,, and just do.
    We understand


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