Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Changed my Mind?

Sharon.  It's what you said....

I loved Life With Jack and Jill and was really sorry to see you shut it down... so now I am having second thoughts.

Plus, I am having a real problem understanding how to work with WordPress.  So I have changed my mind and will keep this blog going for now.

Sorry all...  

Maybe if I give this a facelift or something. ....  Thank  you all for the kind words.

Count me out.  I'm still tired.  ~Gracie~


  1. YAY!!!!! Really glad to hear this.

  2. Glad to hear it! I never got into blogging as well as I had when I had Life With Jack and Jill. I should have just taken a few months off.

    Poor Gracie. How is the flea situation this year? You still chasing her with the Dawn? She always looked so frustrated when you were killing those fleas, but it does work!


  3. Samson sends kisses to Gracie and to you too, Bobbi. What in the world would we do without you two on the blogs. Please don't leave and you haven't written about nothing. What would we do without Summer and her sister and the other kids? You have a lovely blog and you can always take time off. I have blogged very little in the past year, but I would hate to give it up completely. And about friends, what great friends you have become, you and Gracie. I love the hearts you gave me. I had to move them because Faith was after them for a while. Now they are attached to a shelving unit still in my bedroom, so I see them and think of you guys. And yes, it is Samson's birthday tomorrow, July 7. He will be seven years old. And I too miss Jack and Jill. Why did they go away? Love you guys.

  4. We are with you whatever you do. I tried WordPress too... but had issues with it too. So I have one post out there on it, hanging in cyberspace, somewhere.

  5. You could always make a new blog here on Blogger :) But I'm glad you are staying put for now :) I think you will know when the right time is if you decide to start another blog elsewhere or shut down the shop so to speak. I know back in 2011 I retired "A Corgi in Southern California" I felt I had done enough with it and it was time to start something new which basically was almost the same type of format of writing but under a different name.


  6. Yeah! I am happy you are staying with us:). Enjoy your day:). Hugs


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