Thursday, June 2, 2016

Smile! You're famous!

Anvil is not at all impressed with his recent rise to fame.  What fame, you ask?   He is being featured for this quarter in OFF I-68 Visitor's Guide.  He is not impressed.

But Gary and I are super excited.  We got free advertising!  And we love the attention Anvil is getting AND and our business!  The article was very nicely written.  Who wouldn't want to meet this big ol' beautiful gorilla?

Gracie spent the evening at the spa.  She is smelling wonderful and looks beautiful!  Her groomers suggested I get a second opinion on the lumps on her rump.  So I will be calling the vet tomorrow.

This morning...  before her spa day


  1. Anvil is looking good. Congrats on the article. anything good for business is important for sure. Hope Gracie's hiney is ok.

  2. Had a thought. (Dangerous, I know) I hope people don't think Anvil is a for real tourist attraction and you end up with them trampling your yard and climbing all over him in a photo shoot. Better check out your homeowner's insurance.

    Sorry, I was born a wet blanket ...

  3. I bet Gracie came home and took a nap after her spa day :)

    Great looking article for Anvil!


  4. Congrats on the free advertising that's so great. Hope the lump is nothing serious. But why are we not getting an after the spa picture of the girl? You know Samson would love to see one. He's going on the 17th. I couldn't get him in to see his special person before then. He's one dirty dog right now because we are innundated with his foremost enemies: Gophers! So he's digging and digging and never getting far enough down to get one.


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