Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bunny Thieves

I was afraid the flower garden wouldn't give us any wildflowers this year.  It seemed full of gnarly weeds and mess.  But the last couple days it's been perking up and blooming like crazy.  

And then, flowers are mysteriously disappearing thanks to one or more bunnies who have been found dining there.  They seem to like the yellow flowers.  Bunny thieves.

 It's hard to believe it's June already.  I'm really feeling a void since my sister passed away in December.  I'm missing our conversations.  Just knowing she's a phone call away.  I miss that.  I miss her sense of humor and her sharp wit.  I'm glad I see her in my dreams.  Many people don't dream or remember their dreams, but often I do.  I like that.  

It's been a busy spring, though.  And summer will be here before we know it.  

Gary has been as busy as a bee.  That man has accomplished so much in the past couple of weeks, between rain days!  Our deck is almost completed..  pictures to come.   The pool will be open soon, and then he will finally relax.  And float.  

Dear Diary,
Tomorrow is spa day.   The spa mom takes me to just happens to serve up some of the best home baked doggie cookies in the area.   I'll return smelling bad, but give me a couple days to roll around in the grass and dirt and I'll get my good smell back.  Mom and dad say it's been too hot for walks.  I hope after I get some of this fur cut that they will get me out there and walk me.  I mean, really.  I need a walk!  Gracie.


  1. Just think of how wonderful God is providing for the bunnies through your flowers :)

    Its nice you do remember your dreams and it seems like you are having "peaceful" ones with your sister in it. I'm sure the void won't go away, it may fade in time.

    Meanwhile, decking is looking great! I'm sure all is looking forward to the opening of the pool!


  2. Your wildflower garden is beautiful. Of course, the bunnies like it. Who wouldn't?
    I always enjoy those family visits in my dreams. It feels like a gift.

    Enjoy your spa day, Gracie!

  3. The flowers are sweet. A welcome sight. Those bunnies making them salad must be hungry. Your deck looks like it will be nice. Missing a loved one after they pass is a difficult adjustment. i am glad you can keep her in your dreams. GRACIE you lucky dog you. I need a SPA DAY. Want to trade places. Stop complaining you'll be pretty and pampered.


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