Saturday, May 14, 2016

All Ears

Rain, rain go away
So our deck can get finished
and the lumber be removed from beneath the bird feeder
that we can fill it with seed
so the birdie friends can come and eat.

Our preview of the new ear went well but I asked Bob to remove some of the lobe.  He did not stop preaching as he revved up his chain saw and did a quick surgical removal of each extended lobe.  Yes, he preaches as he works.  And what a preacher he is!!  He is filled with the Holy Spirit and does not hold back!  We were prayed for.  Preached to.  Comforted.  Entertained.  Loved.  As we left the hill we had to ask ourselves, "What just happened?"  We love Bob Wilt!  His expertise is bears, hence the business name 'Bob's Backyard Bears'.  But doesn't he do a wonderful job on ears as well?

Dear Diary,

With so many stuffed animals made accessible to me, you'd think I'd rip apart each and every one of them.  But no.  I know which ones are mine and which ones belong to the kiddies.  And I respect that.  Do I not get kudos for being a good dog?  Come on now.  Mom.  Dad.  Kudos?  Good dog, Gracie.


  1. Good Sunday! Along about mid-July we will be wishing for some rain. :-) It sure has been a soggy spring.
    The ears are great! Your preacher does a nice job with that chain saw. He makes it look so easy, doesn't he?

    Good Girl, Gracie!

  2. How neat with the ear carving and getting spiritually blessed at the same time :) I'll send you some warm dry weather if you send us some rain :)


  3. LOVE the new ears. What are you doing with the old sculpture? GRACIE you get KUDOS.

  4. Awesome creation:) Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

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