Saturday, December 27, 2014

Where Joy is Found

Funny how time slips away.  Days that once lasted every bit of twenty-four hours now seem to come to an end much quicker and weeks, months, and even years have become a fast moving train.  

My last post told about Christmas past and the time shared with family, especially my brother Jimmy and sister Rita.

That past carefree day of two children playing on Christmas night met with what would be the future when Rita went to PA last week to be with our sick brother who is suffering with lung cancer.  

Last week I made a big pot of vegetable soup for Jimmy, who has been having problems eating, and some fudge for Rita. Gary and I went to Hanover Pa. to visit on Wednesday and Thursday of last week.   It was a time of sadness, but a time of joy.  We helped as best we could.  We talked of old times and laughed at our crazy, wonderful childhood memories.

But then we came home.  Jimmy ended up in the hospital for a couple of days.  Our Christmas came and went.  And I am starting to take down some decorations now.

This Christmas was bittersweet.  Losing my niece unexpectedly last month, and now Jimmy being ill.  I just wanted to get through the happy-Christmas time and move on.

You know...  sometimes you just have to bury the sadness for a time and deal with it later...  when the Christmas chaos ceases.  After all, it's expected of us to be HAPPY and JOYFUL and EXCITED at Christmas.

I feel so sad for those who suffer depression during the holidays.  Watching others be so dog-gone happy can really get annoying!!  (LOL- but - seriously)

I am not so much depressed as I am sad this year.  Sad for family loss.  Sad for family illness.  Sad for what Christmas has become with the commercialism of it all.  

The highlight of my Christmas:  Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.  It was beautiful.  It was exactly what I needed!  It brought me back to the TRUE REASON - why we celebrate.  And then I felt JOY.

On Christmas day the kids and grandkids came.  We had lasagna and home-made bread.  We exchanged presents and laughed.

And before you know it....  next Christmas will be here.  And I can't help but wonder what the new year will bring.  Who will be with us.  Who will not.

Love to all my friends in Blogland....  Hope your Christmas was Joy-filled.  God be with you all!

Someone/Something/Some  by Gracie Phillip

Like Me.  Same color.
Same fur.
Looks familiar.  Can't be.
Someone.  Some dog.  
Doesn't breath.  Doesn't scratch.
Some dog.
Staring.  Taunting.  Curious.
Some strange dog.
Imitating.  Pretending.  
Some stupid dog.
Faux. But...  will he squeal if i sink my teeth into him...
Some Nag Mom.  
Scolding.  Taking away my new friend.  Not giving me a chance to show my playful love for him by sinking my teeth into him to see if he squeaks.  
Some Christmas.
Buh Humbug.


  1. Awww, sweet Gracie. Well, she is really only PLAYING. I love the shot of her looking at the village!!! I am so sorry, Bobbi. I know you have a deep sadness. And that is alright, because it IS sad, it is a huge part of your past and your present life. Let it go when you need to, and write and talk about it. We spent the day in Richmond yesterday. We decided to eat at the Strawberry Street Cafe. We called and got directions, plus I had our GPS. We drove around like idiots till almost ten o'clock, then finally gave up because paces were closing. This is the kind of idiots we are. ONE of these days we will get there, maybe when it is daylight and we can see what we are doing and can see the street signs. We ended up at Red Robin right before closing,

  2. I am glad you found joy at the Christmas Eve service, Bobbi, realizing the true reason for the season. I think when we realize the hope that we have, despite the sufferings and the pain, because of Jesus' birth and then ultimately his death and resurrection, it does help us deal with the painful times of our lives. We too had a bittersweet Christmas this year; I'll blog about it after we settle in after our move next week. December can be a cruel month sometimes, especially when a lot of people are celebrating. It does make one aware to be kind to people one might meet on their path, not realizing what they might be going through.

    I do hope the New Year is a kind one for you.


  3. Plastering a smile on our face and doing what we have to to get through a difficult situation is sometimes what we have to do. I am sorry your Christmas was filled with such sorrow instead of the joy it should have had. Gracie looked like a bright spot for you. And that is a good thing. Take care dear blog buddy. Prayers are being said for you and your family.

  4. You had a quite the Christmas, I will say that. All the ups and downs, one you will always remember.
    I'm so happy you had the special time with Jimmy and Rita.
    Yes, time moves faster now, and yet we move slower.
    Hoping for a better year ahead.

    PS Why don't you let Gracie eat the stuffing out of that toy? That's what toys are for...

  5. God bless you, Bobbi. I know you went through all the motions of Christmas, regardless of your personal pain. It's wonderful that even in the midst of such heartache you were able to find joy in "the reason for the season" . I also think we learn to find hope in our grands who are so young and vital. They help us see that life goes on, regardless of our circumstances. You're amazing! Praying for you and your family.

  6. All so true dear friend! The year flies by and we will be decorating again before you know it! I will pray for your Brother! I know that this is a difficult time for all of you who love him! Have a blessed day dear friend and give Gracie a hug from me:)

  7. Life is like that, good times, sad times and somehow we do move on. I will keep you in my thoughts in the days ahead. I am so glad you have your lovely family and your faith. Give Gracie a big hug from me and Samson, OK.


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