Monday, September 22, 2014

Teach The Children Well> Gracie's Post

Its time to say goodbye to summer.  Not Summer the cookie carrier, but summer the season.  

There's been a lot of silly talk inside the pool shed.  "I got to carry the new little guy around in the water this year and the little girl too,"  "Well, the master of the house floated on me almost every day... "   "Hey, did you check out Mr. Shark?..  The kids played with him a lot.  He's tired.  No wonder he's asleep"   "*sigh*"  "Guess snow will be blowing against our door before too long."  "We need to rest up for next year."

But Summer the cookie carrier is not going anywhere.  And I, being the caring, obedient, loving pup that I am...  I'm doing my best to train her and teach her the difference between right and wrong.  

It's been tough.  She's so fixed on the kitteh's.  To brainwash her convince her that dogs rule and cat's drool is an exhausting feat.  

But.  When I witnessed the following scene inside her dolly house...  I knew she had finally got it.

Dogs = on the bed with the rest of the pack people.

Cat's = Laying on the hard floor in humble adoration of the dog (who is basically a people too). 

Today I go to the vet.  I have a bad paw and an ear infection.  My birthday is Wednesday and I will be ten years old.  I am hoping for Dairy Queen ice cream.  I am hoping to feel better. I am hoping for mom to quit putting leaves on my head and taking my picture.


  1. So hope your paw will be better and that your ear infection clears up in time for your birthday. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Awwww, sweet Gracie!! You don't post near enough to suit me! Summer knows where it's at, for sure! I need to show this to our cats! Your new leaf hat really sets off your eyes, but it would be hard to run wearing it...

  3. Our pups think they belong on the bed too.
    You're wanting ice cream for your B-day? Easy gift - eh, Mom?
    Hoping the infections go away soon!

  4. Gracie, The fall leaf is very pretty. So sorry you have to visit the vet. Feel better soon and happy 10th bdy to you.

    Summer is learning that dogs belong on the bed!

  5. So glad Summer listened and got the sleeping arrangements right :)

    Happy early birthday, Gracie! Ten years old is an achievement to get to. Sorry about the paw and the ear though; hope the visit to the vet also included some treats!


  6. That was cute that Summer put the doggie right where it should be. GRACIE you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you feel better soon so you can celebrate. I think the leaf makes a sweet hat.

  7. Gracie, Gracie, what a long-suffering look on your face there in the last picture. Samson's asleep or I would have him come and look and write you a message. How is Summer the cookie girl? That dog she had on the bed looks just like you. So she loves you lots, that much is clear.

    And, Gracie, cats do NOT drool.

  8. Forgot: Hope your daddy is doing OK. Tell him I'm thinking of him.

  9. Hang in there Gracie, you are still the top dog:) HUGS


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