Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Clue # 1:  If you are addicted to chocolate
it would be best to stay away from this place.  

Clue #2:  Gary learned a thing or two about how to make chocolate.

Clue # 3:  Factory workers (back in the day) had a separate entrance for men and women.  

Clue #4:  Factory workers used to sit in chairs like these....

On an assembly line to package the chocolate....

Clue #5:  When the female workers came in to the factory...  they may have been dressed like this:

But then they put on their aprons, ready for a hard day in the factory looking more like this:

Clue #6: Cocoa beans were roasted in a machine like this one (mmmmm.. I can smell the chocolate!!)

Clue #7:  Roller coasters galore!!!!

Clue # 8:  Every where you go...  people are handing out these:

Clue #8: Streets are made of chocolate.  Well.  Kinda.

If you guessed Hershey, Pennsylvania you guessed right!

And now....

If we can just get this tub home, we can cut our grocery bill in half by making our own...


  1. Hershey is a fun place to visit. Looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves. I could use some of those kisses right about now. Maybe a whole bag full. LOL

  2. Can't help but wonder if Gracie was mad to be left behind.

  3. When did you go and how long did you stay? Looks like such fun!

  4. Oh goodness, that has to be close to Heaven:) Love me some Hershey chocolate! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. I want to go there sometime!!!! It looked like a fun place to visit. I remember seeing a show about Hershey on some channel a few years ago when they said how many calories were in the desserts. Each dessert was worth it in my opinion!


  6. I don't get any chocolate, but mommys loves chocolate!

  7. I wanna go! This place would be on my Bucket List, if I had one. What fun and CHOCOLATE!!

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