Friday, June 27, 2014

Pip's Book

Pip was abandoned at a pet store in September of 2001.  He was one of the lucky ones, and was rescued by a wonderful family.  He then went on to write his own blog, with the help of his assistant, of course.  

I loved reading Pip's blog.  He was fun.  He was adventurous.   He loved cheeseburgers.  And he was the most adorable little guy!  He was so cute ~ he reminded me of one of those Russ stuffed animals.  

Anyhow.  After a full and happy life with his rescue family, Pip left this world last year for the Rainbow Bridge.  He left behind a legacy of love ~ one that his assistant shared in a book named "Keeping It Real: Life Lessons of a Confessed Couch Potato."  

It was a quick and heartfelt read...  and I knew as soon as I looked at it that it was going to be loved by a certain someone...  and ...  well, I was right.  

She found the book sitting on her toy box and must have fell in love with Pip, because when I came out of the room I caught her kissing the pictures inside.

Pip's blog & book is available HERE through Amazon and you can now get the Kindle version.

A sweet book honoring the life of a sweet dog!

Me ~n~ my girl Gracie


  1. Sounds nice. Glad to hear Summer is getting her read on!

  2. Oh, how adorable! Will you read her the story? With some editing on your part? It is so good that when he died, he was with a loving family.

  3. What a sweet story. So sad Pip has passed but wonderful that the dog lives on in a book. Summer looks precious looking and reading about Pip.

  4. What a wonderful review! We loved the book too!


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