Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nice ~ Not So Nice

New things are nice.  Well, most of the time.  

Our new privacy fence and pool.... Nice!

Our new boarder Charlotte the Spider....  (as long as she understands that she will need to be at least two feet away from me at all times) ...  Nice!

Our new living room suite... Nice!

 Our new bathroom...  nice!

The new king sized bed...  Oh, so nice!

Our new neighbors...  The verdict is still out...

New flowers growing around our now-golden ear...  Nice!

The new kitchen clock that plays Amazing Grace every hour on the hour in doorbell like chimes....

Not so nice!

Each and every hour  Gracie goes out-of-her-mind-crazy and runs to the door ready to attack whoever is ringing the doorbell.  You would think after three days of this, she would get it.  She does not.


  1. beautiful pool and privacy fence, oh my, looks amazing, I love the new furniture and the shiny new bath, maybe time will make the alarming sound less so,

  2. POOR Gracie and the clock. Everything else looks divine.

  3. Lottsa nice! I wouldn't have the patience for that clock, I will side with Gracie on that one. Does it do that at night too? Did I ever tell you about the doorbell that went 'ding' and not 'dong'?

  4. Oh lots of nice stuff for sure- but not that spider--- OH NO!
    Are you still feeling better?

  5. I'd say the new/fun things definitely trump the "not so good" things. Hope you're continuing to feel better, Bobbi. FYI, I'm "thinking" about going back onto WW. UGH!

  6. The pool looks so inviting; even tho I don't swim!!!
    I spent the a.m. knocking down spider webs around our house.
    Hope Gracie gets accustomed to the clock.
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  7. LOL with the clock; I can see Koda doing the same thing. I'm sure Gracie will get the hang of it soon. I am also betting the king sized bed still will be too small for the 3 of you :)

    great fence; inviting pool!


  8. I would be much more scared of that huge spider than the new neighbors!!! So did you pull up a chair when they moved in and look at their stuff through the window? Of course it MUST be done! LOVE your new couch! Your new bathroom looks just like ours,minus the tub. My mom had one of those big wall clocks that you wind up eery night, and every half hour it would BONG! It would wake me up all night long. So are you going to turn the sound off?

  9. We think the clock would have to go. Everything looks great. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Such is life ...filled with the nice and not so nice. Thankfully it does look like you you have more nice happening in your life than not. Poor Gracie who only happens to think that the door bell is ringing and not a clock chiming. Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Hi sweet friend of mine! Thanks for stopping by Jazzy Jennis world and leaving such a kind comment...and for the thoughts and prayers... I am doing MUCH better Thank God....and will be praying you are strong and healthy too...

    Wow! Looks like you have some nice things to rejoice over... LOVE that gorgeous pool! Woohoo!

    And the golden ear surrounded by flowers is just too cool for words... wish I could see it in person...

    Luv you Gracie poo... hugs from Texas,

  12. We all have more nice than NOT SO nice:) I bet the clock is driving Gracie crazy! Have a blessed and NICE week, HUGS!


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