Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Well.  You know the Susquehanna bank that was robbed up the street from where I live, (just last week)?

Welp.  (not a word.  i know.  but i feel like using it anyway)  It was robbed again this morning.  Same time, same place.

This time they caught the duo.

But they never did get the first guy.

That is why Gary put this sign on our business door:


  1. P.S are you guys scared, or just having some fun?

  2. Hi Bobbi, I love the sign. I don't think I ever told you but I used to work in a bank and went through three bank robberies-the first one it was me that got held up. It was so scary.
    Hope you had a great weekend.
    Hugs to you and Gracie.

  3. Scary times these days! I don't blame you guys for posting that sign! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Wow, that would be scary with the robberies; glad they caught the duo this time!! Cute sign though; I'm sure robbers will think twice! (love the idea that you got a pool instead of a garden; much better use of space I do believe)


  5. Times are so scary. I don't blame you for putting the warning sign up. I imagine as we get closer to the holidays, robberies will be on the rise. Love to you and yours.

  6. Scary! Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  7. That's the first time I'd seen a sign like that one on you door. Hopefully, it'll scare someone away. I think it's sad our world is coming to that. Stay safe.

  8. I love the sign! I live in rural America and that's how a lot of people in this area operate.

  9. Very sad that people have to resort to such warnings just to operate their business. Trusting you guys will stay safe.


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