Friday, July 5, 2013

Needy, Insecure and Lonely

What a beautiful summer we're having!  Just enough rain to keep the gardens growing perfect and beautiful.  

Sunshine...  Rainbows... and blue skies

An abundance of color...

We have another mini-vacation planned for next week.

My daughter Lindsey and daughter-in-law to be Jessica will be going with us to Bethlehem PA where we will be seeing Blaise Delfino and (my daughter's forever birthday present) Ryan Cabrara in concert.  

And then, we will be going to NJ sometime soon to meet our new grandson, Greyson.  (Gary's daughter, Stacy is having her first baby).  He's not born yet but probably within the next few weeks.   I'm more excited about that than anything!  I wish we lived closer.  It will be very hard to spoil our sweet boy from this far away...

Not much else happening this summer...  

We're just getting some things done around the house....

And playing it by ear...

Dear Diary,

Today I heard something I thought I would never, ever hear. Remember how Mom always accused me of hogging the bed and Dad would say he could never get a good nights sleep because I was always like right there keeping him from changing position and Mom said it was too hot cause I was always right up against her and she couldn't stand it?  And Mom told Dad they needed to get a king sized bed and it would solve their problem?  And Dad said it wouldn't work because I'd still be right up against him because I'm a needy, insecure, lonely pack animal that lived and breathed to be close to my pack?   Well, Dad caved.  Mom got her bed.  And Dad said those three words that he never says to Mom, "You were right."  And I am sleeping so much better right smack dab in the middle of the bed without those two clinging to me all night..  Thank you very much.  Gracie.


  1. Love it! Enjoy the big bed Gracie.

  2. Just be glad there is only one dog and two humans in the king size bed. We have too many pups in ours.

  3. That bed sounds perfect for all of you.

  4. Blue skies and rainbows, huh? Pfft! We just had our 3rd or 4th day of gloom, rain, humidity and no end of it in the forecast!
    Lovely garden w/flowers!

    Gracie gets hot too, now she has room to sprawl!

  5. Oh my gosh, you got a new bed, that is MAJOR! What kind, does it feel good? Well, I am amazed that Gracie is not still right up against you! Oh gosh she is so cute sleeping on her back! You have beautiful Bachelor's Buttons!! I can never capture a good rainbow, they fade out in my lens. What an exciting trip!!!

  6. Oh Gracie-- so much room to stretch and snuggle and give kissys to your mom and dad.

  7. LOL!! Gracie is just too funny!!
    Beautiful photos - the flowers are gorgeous, they remind me of an english countryside, 'course I've never been to England, but I've seen photos, ya know. Your plans sound like so much fun. Enjoy and have fun meeting that soon-to-be-born grandson.

  8. Gracie, that photo of you is worth a thousand words (or I should say barks)

    I hope ya'll got a clip of daddy saying mommy is right....that's indeed a rare and important occasion... (if ya'll's family is like ours, hehe)

    Bobbie, hope you get at least one photo of the ever - gorgeous Mr. Blaise Delfino to share with us....

    congrats on the new baby to love!!

    Hugs from Texas

  9. Oh, Bobbi, those pictures could be straight out of a Swedish meadow with a red house with white trim in the background. Lovely!

    Samson Says: Gracie, isn't it funny how us dogs are always so MISUNDERSTOOD? Now if I was in that king size bed, I know you'd like to snuggle up to my soft white (used to be white) fur, wouldn't you? XOXOXO, Your Samson

  10. 'Playing it by ear'?! lol
    LOVE the wild flowers Bobbi!
    Have fun next week and 2 concerts too!!

  11. A new baby:) FUN, FUN, FUN! Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about that sweet little on! Have a blessed weekend, HUGS!


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