Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lindsey's Forever Birthday Present

Lindsey wanted to meet pop star Ryan Cabrera for her 'Forever Birthday Present'

And so...

When we found out that our good friend Blaise Delfino was opening for Ryan at the Main Gate in Bethlehem and later at the Sands Casino and Resort....  we thought...  hmmmm
Let's see if we can make this work. 

So we contacted Blaise, he got us tickets, and he promised to introduce Lindsey to Ryan for a photo and autograph.

Jessica (my daughter-in-law to be) and Lindsey drove separately and stayed just one night.  Gary and I stayed two nights.  

Ryan didn't show up at Main Gate.  His plane was delayed or something like that.  Lindsey was disappointed.

But he did show up later...  at The Sands.  We had rooms at The Sands Hotel so we were ready to party!  (NOT!)

It wasn't until around 12:45 AM that Ryan finally appeared.  He sang a few songs, then Blaise pulled him aside to get pictures with Lindsey (and Jessica).  Lindsey was elated!!
She later got Ryan to sign her ticket for Marissa who had asked her Mommy to get Ryan's autograph for her.  He asked if she had a picture of Marissa and she showed him her picture.  He said, "She's really cute!"  He then told Lindsey she should bring Rissi to the 'make-up' show whenever it was scheduled.  

We were up past 2AM!  The Casino was very much alive with gamblers and partier's as we made our way through the crowds and down the hall to the elevator and then to our hotel to quiet, peaceful rooms to call it a night.  

We had a fun couple of days!  

"Let's see...  what can we get into..."


Jessica and Lindsey waiting to go into the Main Gate
Blaise put on quite a show at The Main Gate.
Who needs Ryan Cabrera anyway?!

Lindsey and Ryan Cabrera

Jessica and Ryan Cabrera
Jessica, Blaise, and Lindsey
Both girls had me holding their purses while they got pictures...  Here is Gary and me with Blaise @ around 1:30 AM.  Are we too old to be out this late?  Yes, probably so.  

Dear Diary,

I was in jail.  I was sad.  I missed my pack.  But my pack came back.  Now all is well.  Gracie.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun for all concerned. Glad you had a blast. And Lindsey got her forever present, a dream come true.

  2. Gracie, I love your big paw pillow! This all is so exciting, there is always something exciting going on with you. Gosh, how did you manage to get pictures with them??

  3. I was thinking about ya'll, wondering how the trip went.... Sounds like ya'll had lots of fun! So glad Lindsey DID get her present...

    I've been to Vegas once... And I thought of two things in particular while I was there....#1 Goodness! this city never Sleeps! #2 Who changes all the lightbulbs on the Casinos??? I bet they are busy! :0)


  4. Sounds like a great time. Gracie love your paw pillow. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Home is where the pack is, glad you got yours back, Gracie!

  6. Oh how fun and even us old folks can stay up late occasionally! Have a blessed and restful day! HUGS!

  7. How fun!!
    Glad it all worked out!!
    What a memory!!
    (BTW, you look GREAT!!)


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