Surgery for Gracie and Vertigo for Me

Gracie will have her surgery this afternoon.  She shook all the way down there this morning...  Like..  she knows what is coming down.  

As for me...  


It started at the vets office and now I am just trying to hang on (literally).

I always try to stay away from medication.  But the doc prescribed Meclizine.  I took 1/2 of one.  Hope it helps.  

Please say a prayer for Gracie today...    

"For the love of Dogs woman...  I'm just minutes away from being called back to prep for my surgery today and you are taking PICTURES?"  




Do be careful with that vertigo. A lady I know had it and fell and broke the toilet bowl in the bathroom she hit it so hard and was in the hospital a week and the nursing home for a month. Glad your little Gracie is doing good. Will pray for you both.
Man, I KNOW how that vertigo is!!!!
I have it too from time to time!!!
You had my prayers for Gracie!!!
Thanks Goodness she is through her surgery OK!!!
Arno "Arnino" said…
Sorry, I read your post right now, so I could not say a prayer for you, but I'm happy that Gracie is fine and I'll pray for her tonight!
Best wishes
Woof! Woof! Sending Lots of Golden Healing Thoughts to Gracie and to you. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
Lots of good thoughts and prayers headed Gracie's way.
Loretta Thomas said…
Just reading your post...I am so very happy she made it through without complications! Take good care of yourself, that can be awful...I have it too! Kitty sends her purrs to Gracie...keep us informed and feel better!
Michelle said…
Glad Gracie made it through surgery fine. You make sure and take care of yourself!
Theresa said…
I will be praying for healing for both of you:) BIG HUGS!
Amber DaWeenie said…
OMD...when it rains, it pours at your house! Sending prayers and warm Florida vibes to both of you.
That corgi :) said…
Glad to hear Gracie did great with the surgery!! Poor you, Bobbi, with the vertigo!! I hear it can be downright awful to experience!

Glad Gracie is recovering well. Hope they got ALL the stones this time. Those are so painful, we don't blame Gracie for being a little snappish.

Mama has had vertigo issues for years; runs in her family. Don't brush off taking any RX that works; beats a bad fall and breaking something important.

Get better soon, Gracie!
Ginny said…
So glad to hear about Gracie. As for you, I have had BPV for over 40 years. When I was young, I literally had to crawl to get anywhere during attacks. Things would even spin with my eyes closed. There are movements you can do that will help, there is a big article in the paper today that says you can finally learn them yourself on YouTube, and I have kept the link.
Get betters soon- to both of you.
Jenni said…
That vertigo is awful, precious friend and Gracie are both in my prayers.....

Gentle hugs,
Molly The Wally said…
Oh our paws are crossed that all went well and Gracie is back home soon. We pray for a speedy recovery. Do keep us pupdated. Hope you are OK too.
Best wishes Molly
Lovable Lily said…
We're glad that Gracie did well with her surgery. We pray she can come home today where she belongs.

Hope the world has stopped spinning for you.

Lily Belle & Muffin
sophie...^5 said…
YEAH for Gracie!
Boo for Bobbi!!

Bobbi...I have had vertigo a few times in the passed few years. My Doctor suggested I go on YouTube and look up Epley Maneuver which I did and had great success with. It is a body movement adjustment process which helps to move the crystals dislodged in your canal. If you need and other suggestions, don't hesitate in asking!
Lynda said…
I haven't had vertigo and don't want it. I have heard too many horror tales about it. Praying you and Gracie are both doing better today.
Lady Jane said…
Glad Gracie is doing better. My shih tzu had bladder stones and after surgery they put him on ud dog food. He did not like it so I add chicken and a little rice to it every day in the morning to the wet food and he gets a little dry at nite. He has never had them since and that was 5 years ago. He also gets dog cookies with apple or cranberries in them that he likes very much. I had vertigo once and fell and could not walk with it. I pray I never get it again. Mine was caused by a middle ear infection and once the antibiotic kicked in I was fine. I will say prayers for you guys still as you can get get set backs but God will take care of you.
Liz said…
I hope both of you are feeling much better!

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