Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Don't jump.  Don't run.  Don't lick.  Don't bite.  

 Just several more don't-do's to add to my list.

Now here's a don't for you.

Don't look at the next picture if you are squeamish.  

According to the nag Mom, these are my bladder stones that she has to take to the hospital lab to have analyzed.

And she wonders why I was peeing on the floor...??? 


Now if you'll excuse me, I need to rest.  Thanks for the paw-sitive thoughts and prayers.  XOXO  Gracie.


  1. Gracie - - You had better listen. You remember what happens if you get all excited and do something you shouldn't - - - you end up back in surgery!!!
    I say you should be thankful that Mom can give you directions about healing since she has been sick. How is she doing?

  2. So glad you came through your surgery. Hope you're up and running and bouncing soon.

  3. Oh poor Gracie. I am so glad you are home and with your Mommy. Goodness those bladder stones are terrible. Don't tell Mommy but I really think you should milk that for a lot of treats. Tee her. Feel better quickly!

  4. Dear Gracie-
    you will be feeling so much better so very soon.
    Those stones looked like monster stones to me.
    nitey nite

  5. Oh, my! Those are SOME stones! Big bad boo boo there too, poor girl! I hope you are getting gentle hugs!

    Tell Mom, that IS a convertible! Wish you weren't so far! (Wish I had a converter, um, the cigarette lighter is the only thing that doesn't work :( sigh)

  6. Do listen your mom, Gracie; she knows what is best for you! Those are BIG stones in my book; glad they are out of you!


  7. Take it easy Gracie. We are so glad you are back home. Lets hope the stones are gone for good. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Glad all is well and those dreadful stones are past history !

  9. Be still sweet Gracie:) Hope you feel all better soon! I am happy that your Mom got you all fixed up! HUGS!

  10. Holee Cows...Horses...Pigs...whatever...

    Those look like ostrich eggs! What did you do, girlfuriend??? I surprised you be peein at all!

    Do what da dogter says fur now so you can get better soon and start annoying Mom again!


  11. OH no Gracie...those are huge. Bless your sweet precious little heart.
    I hope the labs will be able to tell you what is causing them so you can stop eating what ever it is.

    Gentle hugs to your all
    Madi and Mom

  12. Oh DEAR! You poor poor thing! Get well, friend :)

  13. Now that's just too sad! Glad you made it through the surgery and are resting. Get well, Gracie. Trudy

  14. Awww... sweet fuzzy girl... I can't stand the thought of you having surgery!! :(

    I DID pray "fur" you and will keep doing so.... take it easy and do what Mom aka "the nag" tells you too, ok? she knows what's best even though you are an uncommonly smart girl....

    Gentle hugs,

  15. Gracie, I hope you feel better soon.

  16. OMG poor Gracie!!! You so needed that surgery!!! So happy that all those awful things are out of you!!!!! What on earth caused them????????????????????
    Poor baby!!! You rest!!!

  17. Oh Gracie, this is just too much. Those are some big old stones, I would call them rocks! Samson would faint if he saw them and your poor shaved tummy. He's been asking about you every day. He is still not so good himself, but he's not worse. We bought him some new and hopefully better food yesterday. Turkey with sweet potatoes kibble, grain free like the vet recommended. I will tell Samson that you are resting comfortably. So you be a good girl and do just that, OK.

  18. Oh my goodness! Those are huge! Sure am glad that they are out! Hope you are healing fast Gracie!


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