Pip and Puddles Come to Visit!

Mr. Pip and Ms. Puddles continued their world Bucket List tour today and arrived in style on the steam locomotive, Western Maryland's famous tourist attraction, as it chugged into town with the two celebrities onboard.  

Not since Jeopardy's host Alex Trebek visited a few years back has there been such a stir in the Western Maryland mountains.

After a celebrity greet and meet at the station, Puddles car was delivered to her there and before you could say 'It's Groundhog Day' Puddles and Pip were at our door!

I told Gracie, no partying at our house!  (I've heard stories).  So the group took the party to Rocky Gap State Park Resort several miles east of us, where they rented a cabin, a Cheeto bubble machine, and a keg of Bud Light.  Gracie invited some friends to meet the famous P & P.

Wanting to cram as much into the day as possible, the next stop was Deep Creek Lake where the two put on skis and joined others at the Wisp ski resort.  Within seconds, Pip lost one of his ski's and then decided he'd rather be eating cheeseburgers, so the pair of party-ers shot out to Gracie's place for some late day partying antics before the paw-rents got home.

Since there were no chandeliers to hang from, Puddles did some ear-aerobics while Pip watched for the po-po.

Being just a hop a skip and a jump away from WV seemed to bring out the redneck in the team as they partied hardy into the night...  Leaving just minutes before the humans returned home.

Dear Diary,

What a day!  I never knew what I'd been missing until Pip and Puddles came to visit! They taught me some pretty important stuff... like, according to Pip you can never eat too many cheeseburgers and Puddles showed me how to catch vermin. I have been coddled, protected and smothered all of my life.  And now...  I can only dream of someday when I can spend time once again with 2 of the funn-est, funniest, craziest friends I know.  I miss them already.  Gracie.


Mr. Pip said…
Alex Trebeck ain't got nothing on us! That train sure was fun and what a greeting! Yes, we will be signing paw-tographs, just wait your turn in line. Thanks!
Mr. Pip said…
Uh Puddles, that's no ordinary vermin ...he's kind of famous, almost as famous as us, but not because he's on America's Most Wanted but because he actually has an important job.

Oh my, he does like burgers and beer doesn't he. Sure, Phil, I will give you my special recipe. Don't worry Puddles is all talk about hunting ...well, she's not really all talk, but I'll keep her away from you.
3 doxies said…
Alex Trebek...who is dat? Bwhahahahaha...kiddin, I knows who is but he is WAAAAAAAAY borin' comapred to us.

Gracie, I is so glad you likes my hostess gift. My mum always said when you visit somebuddy, you ought to bring 'em sumptin'. But watch out, ground hogs has BIG teefs.

3 doxies said…
Come heres Phil, I wants to tells you sumptin...no really, I do.

Happy Groundhogs Day. Our local predictor say we'll have an early Spring. Good news I think!
Lovable Lily said…
Gracie, we are so stinkin' proud of you! You survived the visit with Pip and Puddles. It's a miracle you all didnt end up in the po-po.

We could hardly believe that Phil didn't want to run right home. After all, today is his BIG day. Now we'll just never know if winter has been extended or not.

We really enjoyed your adventures with those goofballs! Sorry, I mean Pip and Puddles. We bet you're gonna need a long, long nap to recover from all the excitement.

Thanks for helping Pip fulfill some of his life long dreams.

Lily Belle & Muffin
Mr. Pip said…
OK, I have an idea how about we use the couch cushions (that we just happen to have in the car) to prop Phil up so he can still do his job ...

Oops, he is still falling over ...the guy just can't hold his beer, I guess.
3 doxies said…
No, I has a betters idea...let's put him on da grill...COME BACK PHIIIIIL!

Mr. Pip said…
Cover your ears Phil ...wait do you have ears? Oh, never mind ..

Psst Puddles ...I think we might be going up the river (as in jail) permanently if we let anything happen to this guy. He's kind of a big deal, not your average rodent.
GOOSE said…
Who's Alex Treeebeck? Pip and Puddles tore it up at your place. If ya need it I have a great recipe for groundhog. It seems you have already marinaded it.
3 doxies said…
Hey Gracie, does you thinks your mom would notice if we borrowed dat ginormous ear...I thinks it would awesome in my front yard.

Pip, how much can you lift? Okkays we'll get Phil to helps load it.

Oh My mom is rolling in her chair laughing so hard at you 2! BOL!!!!
Marg said…
You two are just entertaining everyone and it is just terrific. Did you put Phil back or is he being barbecued. Hope you make it to your next destination and not in jail. Gracie, we sure are glad you survived the most famous visitors. They are such fun. Take care.
Molly The Wally said…
Brilliant Gracie you survived a day with Blogvilles' answer to Thelma and Louise and you managed to avoid being knicked by the po-po. Epic fun! Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly
Inger said…
Oh, what a day you all had, I'm kind of glad I was too preoccupied to invite you to California! Lot's of vermin around here, but no big ears and no Phil. Isn't he supposed to be on TV today or soon sometime soon? We need to know if winter will come back, go on, or go away, so you better let him get to work, Puddles.
I must say that Mr. Pip looks sooo happy being able to fulfill this part of his bucket list. You are a good friend, Puddles.
Gracie and Bobbi, I left a reply to your wedding comment on my blog. Bobbi, you really are acting like the mother of the bride already....
Madi and Mom said…
MOL MOL MOL Gracie!!
Western Maryland will never, ever no never be the same again. Once P&P have visited any normalcy ceases.

I wish it would rain Cheetos here.
I hope the PoPo were satisfied that all was ok with Mr. GH Phil!!

Thanks for the mol and lol Hugs madi and Mom
Wyatt said…

Lovin' the Cheetos Bubble Machine.
Watch out for those two, they can get you into trouble...just sayin' and you better take the Groundhog back to work. How are we going to know the weather for the next 6 weeks?

Wyatt and Stanzie
Sounds as if you had a good time. We thinks riding a train would be FUN.
A Cheetos Bubble Machine! Genius! Looks like the Bucket World Tour had a great stop in Maryland.
OMD Pip and Puddles have Purloined the most FAMOUS PHIL and now he's PICKLED???
Adding this to my ON GOING list of infractions:
#13. Perloining of the PHIL
#14. Pickling of Said Perloined Phil
#15 Prevaricating to the PoPo

Is there NO END to the Problems Pip and Puddles Pile up???
3 doxies said…
Go ahead and add...Theft of humongus ear minus ear wax.

Mr. Pip said…
No one is 'prevaricating" the PoPo ...well, maybe we are cause I don't even know what that means ...bawhahahaa!
Ginny said…
So cute and funny! Hey, I smell the title of a new comic book series...
3 doxies said…
I hads no idea I was gonna has to Google all them words Frankie be spittin' out.

Jenni said…
I, for one, am hoping for a "Tail All" book to be released by this TIny Trio of Trouble....


I also want one of those Cheetoe Bubble Machines!!!!

Brian said…
That was such a fun trip and those two are a hoot!
Michelle said…
This is so cute and gave me a much needed laugh!
what a fun time you all had!
Theresa said…
A little too much partying going on up there:) This post made me giggle! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

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