Thursday, January 3, 2013

Say What!!??

Today I learned something new.

If you wish to do a book signing...  say...  at the mall...

You must first take out A Million $$ insurance policy for the day.

You know...

In case someone would ...  say... Maybe get a paper cut from one of your books....

and decide to sue you...


You laugh!

But I'm serious!

What. Is. This. World. Coming. To.??

Each day I think life cannot possibly get any more bizarre...

It does.

See you next month at the Country Club Mall in LaVale....

And feel free to leaf through the pages of Gracie's Diary: A Memoir.  I'll have Band-Aids on hand in the event of a paper cut.  And if there are more serious injuries as a result of the book signing,  I'll be insured :-)


  1. I had never considered that about working a book signing. How bizarre! I hope you do well and have a positive experience.

  2. You kid - right?


    I hope you have a great experience, it's a once in a lifetime - right?

  3. Oh my goodness! You know I have your book and can't wait to read it! If I cut my finger on one of the pages... look out:) Have a blessed weekend dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  4. Some folks amaze me. Kinda like suing McD's for hot coffee!!!

    All the best to you!

  5. Wow, you are getting to be more and more a BIG time author, book signings and everything!!! Of course I am your first fan, and so glad I don't have to stand in a long line! The insurance thing is crazy, tell us more.

  6. Love love LOVEEEE the book trailer!!!!

    Girl, it is soooo FAB that you are doing a book signing.....You Go!

    That's wild about the insurance though....

    I am so excited for you, Bobbi!!! oooh I hope you have fun at the signing!

  7. Afters livin' withs my Kerazy Lady...nuttin' surprises me. Then again, I has had bizarre things happen to me too.
    But anyways, I am so excited you is gonna do a book signin'...dat means you is on your way to fame and fortune (feels free to take me withs you).


  8. Oh dear that is ridiculous. What is the world coming to indeed? Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Good luck at your book signing! That's mighty impressive.

    Hope you don't need to tap into that insurance policy for a paper cut :)

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  10. We have our copy and Mom just can't wait to get a chance to sit down and read it. She has thumbed through it and paper cuts yet! Does your insurance policy cover us when Mom finally decides she's had enough interruptions and locks us in the closet so she can read in peace??? Just askin!

  11. A *million* dollar insurance policy? Crazy, crazy, crazy.

  12. Wish I could be there for some support, but my book is already signed! lol Good luck with that!!

  13. I'm so thrilled that you are having a book signing. There's a price for everything it seems. I can't wait to hear how it went. All the best, dear Bobbi.

  14. how exciting with a book signing!! Seriously though it seems like everyone and anyone will look for a reason to sue these days. Did I happen to mention that I tripped in the house when I was carrying your book from the mailbox and bruised my left knee?? You'll be hearing from my lawyer......

    (just kidding :)


  15. Thank you for visiting my blog from my sister Mildred's blog. It is nice to read back through your posts this morning. Happy New Year.

  16. Would 'break a leg' be appropriate here?! That will be a blogable experience I am sure! Have fun Bobbi!

  17. That is truly the most bazar, crazy, weird thing we have ever heard!
    What next?
    We hope you have a fun time doing your signing, and remember you are making new memories.

  18. Thanks for the heads-up! At least peeps aren't throwing the book at you or anything as rude as that!!OUCH...that hurt!

  19. Way to go! Good luck at the signing! Happy New Year!:)

  20. That is just crazy! I hope your signing goes well!


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