Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One Flea

I just realized..  Thanksgiving will be here a little early this year.  Where did the time go?  

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away!

  Last year I cooked.  This is our 'going out' year!  It's fun!!  And it's hassle-free, work-free!  All I have to do is sit there and enjoy the grands!

I am thankful!  Last evening I finished the last of my edits on my book!!  I am hoping and thinking that my goal of early December for release will be right-on!

But what I'm most thankful for...  


 Summer all year round....

'Ralphie' from A Christmas Story

She fell asleep in her walker

 Dear Diary, 

One flea.  One single, simple, solitary, lousy flea.  That's what my mom is obsessed with these days.  Stop. Drop. and Roll.  That is what I have to do the minute her and I lock eyes.  You see..  she looks at me and all she sees is 1 Flea.  The one that got away.  The one that could have been pregnant.  The 1 flea that could multiply and become dozens.  Just one flea.  Ugh!  Gracie.


  1. Oh Me...Oh My....One Flea! Me AssUmes dere is one less FLEA in da world today!

    Hap-Pee Toes-Day!

  2. Cutest little Summer! I know you are enjoying her SO much! Time flies by way too fast and we have to enjoy each and every day:)

    Gracie, I know that one flea would cause you to scratch and hurt yourself... your Mom loves you:)

    Have a blessed day up there, HUGS!

  3. Summer is so adorable! So far......Miss Mindy had no idea of what a flea is!

  4. Fleas can be and are nasty visitors...so listen to Mama...she knows best!

  5. So glad that things are progressing well with your book Bobbi! Summer is adorable!! Can't believe we are planning Thanksgiving already!

    Gracie, one flea is nothing. One day I counted over seven on Koda and when hubby went to lather him out with peppermint oil (which is great to kill fleas on contact and safe for pets) he killed at least 10-15. It was a terribly long flea season here despite Front Line, baths, spraying for fleas, etc. Poor Koda. Thankfully if we get rain this weekend that should help decrease the population.


  6. Gracie, I have one word for you: Comfortis. Chew up the Comfortis pill and swallow it. Mom will never again see a flea on you.


  7. Tee hee Gracie.... your thoughts just make me smile.... and believe me I could use a smile today!!

    love love LOVE that pic of Summer in those glasses.... Priceless!!!!! she is such a doll!


  8. Summer is just the cutest!

    Thanksgiving plans sound wonderful!

    Gracie, I always ask the cats when they scratch if they have fleas. It's a Mom thing! We worry.


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