Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It Was Terrible!!

Water: check
Candles: check
Ice: check
Batteries: check

Ready. Set. Go!

It sounded like a freight train outside our house.  The wind howled and rain pelted angrily against whining windows.  

Gracie looked nervous... then told me she had to pee.  She changed her mind once I opened the door to show her out.  

The good news:  It was around 8PM and our lights were still on.    
The bad news:  5 minutes later they were off.

Enter Candles.

I prayed for my children and grandchildren.  I prayed for my stepchildren who live near the NJ shore.  I prayed for everyone in harms way.

Then, with all seriousness aside my future daughter-in-law who is five months pregnant with my future grandson...  sent me this quick video that made me LOL!

Even the scarecrow was laughing...

Morning brought calmer winds and little rain...  but still no electricity.   Gary already had a plan just in case...  Morning Coffee would be 'hand made' on the gas grill.

We spent the morning filling up the cooler with ice and putting our refrigerated items in there.

We were thankful that we had no major damage to our home.  

The electric came on around noon and we celebrated!  I made burned cinnamon rolls in the toaster oven.

Dear Diary,

It was terrible!  The worse night ever!  I was afraid of the noise!  I was scared cause it was dark!  Mom and Dad were acting strange!  They didn't have the devil box on!  It was quiet!  It got cold!  I had to pee!  Then I was dragged outside and someone or something turned the water on full blast and tried to give me a bath!  Dad ordered me...  "PEE!" I thought I would blow away! I shivered in my paws as I forced a pee! I didn't understand!  Gracie.


  1. Thankful to hear from you, Bobbi. I had to giggle at the video! Gracie, get some rest tonight!

  2. Oh, poor Gracie. It sounds horrible. I'm glad to hear you and your family are safe.

  3. That's not fun Gracie, but it's worse when the sound of water makes you want to pee all the time!

    I'm glad you got your electricity back on quickly.

  4. THANK DOG ya'll is okays, I was all kinds of worried. And seriously, I can't imagine hoomans not bein' ables to has their coffee so good fur Gary bein' smart.
    Gracie, girl do what I does...do your bidness in da bafftub. It makes fur easy clean up.


  5. Oh dear! Glad you are all OK though!TH for the coffee, my Mom said!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  6. Now dat Puddles has a good brain in hers head! Do it in da baftub. BOL

    So glad you is OK. Sorry fur da scarries though.

  7. Happy that you all are OK! Hope all of your family is as well! Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  8. Thank God Gracie survived.


  9. We're so happy you're safe and sound!

  10. OK, I just tried to upload a long comment. After waiting forever, I lost my patience. So how about a few short ones?

  11. Well, that worked. OK, I thought about you guys as I watched the storm on TV and hoped you would be OK. Samson and I hoped Gracie would not be too scared.

  12. I'm glad you are OK and Samson was so happy to get that BOO from Gracie because that means she's back to her old self. BOO back to you, sweet girl. xoxo, your Samson

  13. Dear Gracie, I am so thankful that you, your mom and dad are all safe! I'm sorry it was so scary. Hope you don't have any more problems with the power. Sending hugs your way.
    Noreen & Hunter

  14. Bobbi, just a quick note to say when I click on your name in my email (from a comment you left on my post) it tells me your profile is not available. Thought you would want to know.

  15. Glad you weathered the storm pretty okay, Bobbi. I know not having the electricity on is not fun though. I'm sure Gracie was so glad to have things back to normal today. I'm sure I wouldn't have wanted to go outside to take care of business with high winds!

    how exciting too that you will have a new grandson soon!!!


  16. Hello precious Bobbi and Gracie! I am SO THANKFUL y'all are ok!!! I've been praying for everyone affected by that terrible storm.... I am all - too - familiar with those awful scenarios you shared such as no electricity and howling wind and rain...... hurricanes are an ever looming threat here on the Gulf Coast.....

    So sorry y'all had to go through all of that, dear ones...


  17. So glad that y'all weathered the storm okay! We got a lot of wind and rain here. It's sad to see all of the damage and destruction on tv.


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