Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kindle or Hard Copy?

We have been getting all kinds of good news lately - this for another post.

Summer is almost over and vacation time is almost upon us. 
(I have 2 vacations scheduled! So looking forward to this!)

Taking a good book along on vacation is a must! 
I've been reading books via Kindle lately. 

It's not the same.

 I like holding a real - live - physical book when I read.  Am I being prehistoric


do you prefer a hard copy as well? 


I'm still working on reading my son Justin's book, which is turning out to be a very good read...  check out his blog and the great reviews he is getting at  don't forget to watch the trailer.  I was impressed!

Dear Diary,
Last night dad sprayed some stuff up my nose and told me it's because I'm going to be staying at the kennel soon. Call me stupid, but I don't get the connection.  In other news...  last night when I was trying to cover up my business outside, I kicked a bit of my poop up onto my back.  The nag Mom was not a happy camper.  Gracie.


  1. I still like to hold a book, turn the pages, highlight with marker, keep it on the bookshelf, loan to friends, etc. But Kindle on my iPad is great at night and doesn't bother my husband because I can turn off the lamp.

    Poor Gracie. Poor Mom. (I don't blame you.)

  2. I like both kindle and books. But I tend to use my kindle more and more. I take the bus a lot and with the kindle I always have something to read and it's light to carry.

  3. You'll never be able to sell me on a Kindle. I love a good BOOK and everything about them. Nope. I won't do a Kindle.

  4. There are definite advantages to both. I prefer a physical book but for travel, you can't beat electronic.
    Gracie - - Did you not even hear a "Thank you" from anyone for trying to be neat outside?!!!

  5. I seldom read books, of any kind.
    Awful, isn't it?

    So glad and anxious to hear about the good things that have been coming your way. I'm gonna miss you while you're on vacation, but so glad you're gonna get some vacation time! BTW, I GAINED a pound this week!

  6. We don't have a cell phone so that means no Kindle I guess.

    Gracie- I kicked some poop up once too. It was kinda fun! tee hee, I can just see you do that!

  7. I enjoy my kindle but I have a neighbor who lends me all of her paperbacks. I do enjoy the feel of a book in my hands!

    Have a nice day Bobbi & Gracie!

  8. I still like to hold a book but I don't have a kindle:). Have a blessed day dear friend. Hugs.

  9. I would enjoy having a Kindle... but I don't think I would ever like it better than having a regular old - fashioned book.....I drop my books, and I would surely hate to drop my Kindle!!!!!!

    Big hugs,

  10. LOVE my Kindle. Recently toyed with a Nook Glowlight. But use my XOOM at night. No light needed to read. It's backlit. But with that said, I'm still CRAZY in love with the smell and feel of a book with a spine. I enjoy turning the pages, finding places to stack them, plus looking and reading the dust jackets. Prehistoric or not, when the power goes out and there is nothing to PLUG into. I'll have enough REAL books to carry me through to eternity. LOL Take care.

  11. PS) GRACIE seriously. Who wants POOP on their back??? It stinks having to go back to the kennel, though. I feel your frustration. Just remember everyone LOVES you. YES, really.

  12. No kindle for me. I like the feel and even the smell of a book, especially an old book from the library.


  13. I prefer a real book over any e-reader. Our library now has the option of checking out electronic format books. Unfortunately one of the books that I need is only in that format. So I will be downloading it to my iPad soon. I also don't care for the prices of them. The electronic format should be WAY cheaper not the price of a hardback!


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