Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Selling the Grandkids and Trouble for Gracie

After Sunday's April Fools post, my granddaughter Rissi (who will be five soon) sent me this email:

Dear mom, i selled marissa and summer away, youll never see them again. Lindsey
April Fools!!!! love, marissa
To: Grammy

Dear Diary,

I chewed a hole in Mom's good sandal.   Some guy named Clark made those sandals and she really had a hard time finding a pair she liked. Waaaah Waaaah  Wah ...  (she goes on and on) I don't know what the big deal is. She's had them for years.  
   My sudden onset of mischief could be one of several things.  a) she's not giving me enough attention.  b) she was talking with Lindsey and Rissi on the porch and she didn't let me see them.  c)  I miss her when she's away, and the shoe smelled like her.  d) She's a nag - she deserved it  e) she needs to take me for a walk  e) I thought I'd give her something to complain about for a change.  Gracie.


  1. BOL...Jus' look at what your Momma is teaching da grandkids! Dey gots dat idea from hers. As for dat sandal....Is you tellin' Mom you wanna go live with Juanita so you's can get more attention???

  2. Gracie - - - you could just tell her it's payback for even joking about giving you away a few days ago!!! Feel badly for sweet mom - - - it will be a while before she gets to forget that post. However, the grandchild might become quite a literary genius like you from the sounds of it!

  3. Gracie, I think c) is the best reason of all.

    And would you tell your mama that if I were her I wouldn't take Rissie to see Mirror, Mirror. Our granddaughter was 5 last October and I told my son I thought there were parts in it that would scare her. Madagascar III is coming out soon and it looks cute! Thanks a bunch, Gracie

  4. Poor Gracie! That April Fool's joke has caused lots of ruckus!

  5. So cute! I will say that Gracie has good taste (pun intended) in her choice of things to chew and destroy. She would probably turn up her nose at cheap shoes.

  6. Gracie
    I don't blame you at all for chewing the sandal. I hate being igorned too.

  7. LOL with Rissi's April Fool's joke; too cute! I had to laugh about the one you pulled; I can see why it would upset people though! LOL Gracie with the sandal; I have to say (knock on wood) Koda has never chewed anything like that; he probably realizes it doesn't taste good so why bother :)


  8. Rissi's email for April Fool's was cute. GRACIE on the other hand, chewing up an irreplaceable handmade sandal... why that was just OUTRAGEOUS! Your poor mamma. Don't you feel a tinge of remorse GRACIE? or were you just trying to tell your momma she needed to update her footwear?

  9. Ahem, Okays sorry but da April Fool's email was a hoot.

    Nows Gracie, I feels your pain withs bein' ignored, starved, no walkies, and etc...oh da starvin' part must haves just been subconscious. Anyways, it was just a measley little shoe...I mean it could haves been worse, it could haves been both shoes and then hers would has to walk around in no shoes...at leat you left hers one.


  10. Funny:) Lindsey played a joke April Fools, too cute!

    Sorry about the sandal, hope you can find replacements! Gracie, behave! HUGS!

  11. I just want to hug everyone in your world!

  12. That is too cute what Rissi did!... and Gracie... I'm sure your mama still loves you even though you chewed her shoe... tell her you were doing her a favor so she could buy a new pair for Easter!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  13. MOL Your g-daughter is a funny girl too. Years ago I read a cute real story in Reader's Digest. After about 3 nights of being awakened by his new baby sister the 4 year old ask his parents just how long she was going to live with them? Rissi has found the answer to that just sell the sibilings.

    Hugs Madi and Mom

  14. Gracie you are always thinking of your Mommy aren't you little darlin???
    Bobbi you have a very cute G-daughter!!! I miss those days when mine was young!!
    xx, Fern

  15. This is the cutest post! Gracie you look marvelous with your summer time haircut! Happy Easter to you all.

  16. HAHA! As usual, Gracie, your "thoughts" are PRICELESS!


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