Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Excuse the Profanity

Our sales rep for Siemens invited us to attend a continuing education class in Pittsburgh, Pa. today.

This meant we could collect some CEU's for our license renewal next year.  Plus, Brian wanted to take us out for lunch.

We passed on a trip to Vegas last week,  since we'd be going to Pittsburgh this week.   Our friends in business attended and told us that the Elton John show was part of the itinerary.  


Pittsburgh is a town with tons of character! 
 I was pleasantly surprised.

Beautiful buildings!

And much bigger than I had ever imagined.

A bit of advice:  You never want to get lost in Pittsburgh.  

Gary's blood pressure must've been off the charts.  
This town is confusing!

When we finally found the parking garage, it was just as perplexed as the town. 

 One way. Do not enter.  No parking.  Reserved.  

  We drove up three floors before we decided it was time to turn around and go home.  

We were trying to find our way out of town when Brian texted us.  'Where are you guys?'  

'Couldn't find parking.  Heading home.'

'What??!  the reason I came to this meeting was to take you 2 out for lunch.  Siemens has already paid for your parking.''  

'That's all well and good...  if we could just find the parking they paid for.  Sorry, Brian.' 

The following video is for your entertainment...  Please excuse the profanity...  He couldn't help himself. 

Today while lost,  I faced my fears of claustrophobia.  

"Oh no!  Not the tunnel again!"  "Didn't we just do the tunnel?"  "Isn't this the same tunnel we went through a few minutes ago?"  "Again?!"  

I faced my fear 7 times.  

All was not lost...

Shake off the feel of defeat...

"Eenie, meenie, minie moe....  
catch a lobster by the... claw.

Then some shopping at Babies R Us.  

Decisions - decisions.  California... or home?

At this point, everyone needed chocolate...

 Then home to our dog who had taken out her frustrations on her alligator Wally while watching the house.  

Dear Diary,  It was home alone again for me.  And there is talk of me being depressed.  Wonder why?  Gracie.


  1. The tunnel photos look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Very hi-tech. I've never been to PA but would like to some day. . .Gracie looks so forlorn. Gotta love that sweet girlie!

  2. Oh that sounds frustrating! Glad you made it home safe.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. We LIVED in Pgh for 6 years over thirty years ago. We knew every square inch of that town. Had to chuckle over your photos, commentary and video. What made it MORE funny to me was when I was there about 5 years ago, I got lost too. Couldn't find my way out of there no matter what I did. I believe I saw the same tunnel you did, multiple times and there was a bridge I kept crossing and coming back over at least a hundred. I finally pulled over and called my husband. He couldn't believe I had forgotten. Glad your trip wasn't all bad. The lobster and the chocolate looked mighty good. Next time you're in Pgh try eating at The Georgetown Inn, overlooking the city, if it's still there. Or The Grand Concourse. My hubby and I were newlyweds there and if we could move back we would. So many wonderful memories. Thanks for reminding us. Take care. And GRACIE are you moping around again? Sweetie next time they leave, have yourself a party. Do all the stuff you LOVE to do, but can't when they're home. SERIOUSLY, why pout?

  4. Oh Daisy
    Please don't be depressed. I know its no fun to be home alone.. yes, I know it, but I really do not think you would want to be with your mom and dad!

  5. I love the little chocolate house, but you didn't show us any of the chocolates inside! So you didn't make the class? Or the lunch? You went into Pittsburgh and then right back home? OH NO!!! I must say I have heard that woman's voice on the GPS, especially when she says REROUTING! It is a funny video! But I know it was far from funny when it happened. Well, at least you got some good shopping in!!! I LOVE Macy's!

  6. How terribly frustrating! Glad you at least visited the chocolate house! Chocolate makes everything better.

  7. Sorry you all got lost, the video was too funny... what does it mean turn left, turn right, we're lost, hehe:)

    At least you got to eat some good food and have some chocolate too!

    Enjoy your day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  8. All you had to say was GPS and that would have told the story.

    Bleep things! They are simply made for a different planet, that's all!

  9. Gracie....from da sounds of tings, you had a much better day den da peeps. You gots to spend it wit Wally and you had lots of peace and quiet!

  10. I had a day like that in Boston once without the happy ending!!!!
    Gracie you can come live with Zoie and me if you want!!!

  11. OH MY STARS...sounds like Jill is your GPS attendant too. Her favorite word is 'recalculating'. My hubby has another name for her...but I don't want to hurt Gracie's eyes/ears.
    Hugs and Purrs
    Mom and Madi

  12. Oh my he sounds like my hubby. All men hate to get lost. I must say you seemed to be taking it all in stride, lol... Glad you are home to Gracie. She was missing you big time. LJ

  13. Oh dear. I hate driving around when I get lost, especially in a big city like that. Glad you had some lobster and especially chocolate to help you recover from the trip. :-)

  14. What a trip y'all had! Downtown Houston can be pretty confusing, too, believe me! At the heart of down town there are all of these one way streets... def. not good for the blood pressure..... when I was in college, a friend was driving us home from a concert and she got lost... and we ran out of gas in the BAD part of town... it was pretty scary....

    Hope y'all had a delicious lunch and enjoyed the shopping, though..... and I love the gingerbread house and the chocolate factory....

    Poor Gracie - poo..... you have my sympathey, hon - bun....


  15. Oh my! Gary sounds just like me when I'm driving and frustrated! That place looks crazy! I do not like to drive in big cities like that. I am sorry you didn't make it to the meeting but it sounds like the rest of your day was nice.


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