Saturday, January 7, 2012


I know, I know...  today's 61 degree temperature here in Western Maryland was just a fluke...  And the week ahead is a forecast for more of the same...  a fluke as well. 

Is it just me, or are the winters much milder than they were back in the day...

I'm second from right.  Others are all brothers and sister except the tall guy in the back who was a neighbor.

The above picture shows us kids - off to school ...  AND LOOK AT THAT SNOW!  (ignore the date on the side... I think it just took a while for mom to get her film developed...  remember when FILM had to be DEVELOPED? lol)  

Can you imagine kids going to school with a snowfall like that nowadays?  The very mention of an inch of snow - and school is either delayed or canceled for the day).  Very seldom did we get a day off from school.  I can remember wearing a ski mask and walking backwards so the wind and snow wouldn't sting my eyes as we went about a quarter of a mile up the road to catch the school bus.  The bus was usually late on these blustery, snowy days, and my fingers would be red and numb beneath my gloves.  The buses would have snow chains on the tires so they could make it through the drifted snowy roads.

The above picture was on February 20, 1972.   With that huge drift, I imagine that was a day off for us, since the road was closed for a while.  Oh great!  So if that was February 20... then that must mean we aren't out of the woods yet?  

Y-e-a bobbi... remember, winter has just begun.

Above picture shows the tree in our back yard and our dog Smoky.  I guess my parents wouldn't let me have a dog inside.
*insert sad face here*  
He was a tough ol' guy and lived to be over 20 years old.  I used to climb that tree and sit there for hours dreaming of the day I'd be a famous movie star signing autographs.  Seriously.  LOL!  

Okay.  Back to reality.

Today's walk.... ahhh

The movie star thing didn't work out.  And my carefree childhood existence melted into adulthood with responsibility, worries, and lots of bills to pay.


Today's walk was pleasant and nice.  Gracie was ecstatic.  

But Frosty looked a tad bit worried.


  1. beautiful photos, would you like some snow, I could send some,

  2. Yup...We had to walk 3 miles to school, 3 miles home for lunch (they didn't even let kids stay for lunch...WTH) 3 miles back to school 30 minutes later and then 3 miles home in the afternoon. That's 12 miles of walking every day---rain, snow, storms, heat, everything. The kids today just don't realize how much fun that was!!!!!

  3. I like those pictures of snow! I wish we would get just a little. Always nice to see it in winter.

  4. Hi Bobbi... I remember those old school days so well... we never got a snow day off either, and it does seem like there was sooo much more snow back then!...we too walked to school, almost a mile (gee, I sound like Abe Lincoln huh?)... but we never complained... bundled up in our coats and mufflers, gloves and boots... it was actually quite intoxicating back then!... and yes, of course I remember when photos had to be developed!... so many things have changed... often I long for those good old days... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy PS It snowed a TON here today after weeks of warmer weather and I don't like it now!!!

  5. Ah, I envy you the snow as a kid. Growing up (to age 14) in Oklahoma, we did actually get snow, and I can remember building some pretty awesome snow forts with my brother, and neighbor kids. It wasn't a regular-all-winter-long thing, though. I still long for snow, though these days, I'm not sure I'd enjoy the cold I'd have to endure to get it. ;-)

    I also envy you the siblings. I had one brother, but we're not close at all. God's graced me with good friends, though; and it truly is His grace that's provided them, 'cause I'm usually too shy to make them! ;-)

  6. I live in South Texas and we hardly ever get snow---now or in the past. Sigh. Lately, we haven't been getting much rain either!

  7. Around Albany, NY, I remember having snowbanks at Thanksgiving. After last winter's weather, we were due for some milder behavior outside. However, there is still time for it to come down bad!

  8. The snow we got last week just melted. Temps went up to 50 here. I LOVE it. I'm happy with a mild winter. No Cabin Fever or treacherous roads to navigate. But you are RIGHT. Seemed to be alot more snow during my childhood too. LOVE your photos. Had to chuckle, my hubby had a cat named Smokey. You and your siblings were certainly bundled up and what a pile of snow you had there. Do you remember the BLIZZARD of 66? I was living in Maryland then. Snow piled so high couldn't see out my windows. Those were the days. LOL Take care.

  9. What a fun post! And I love the snow pics, 'cuz we very rarely get snow in the Houston area... when we do though, you would find it hilarious, because it can be like less than an inch and the city grinds to a screetching halt! LOL we simply do not know how to act! hehehe!

    Take care, precious friend, and hug Gracie for me!

  10. I know Frosty is worried about no snow and he will melt! But there is still a chance - just like in those days of long ago!
    We are cold here- 38 degrees right now and frost,,, and fog!
    snuggle up!

  11. With the weather all messed up, I wonder how bad we will get hit in February and March?

    Yah, I remember snow and lots of it, my kids would lose their boots in the snow and would have to go and rescue them, and sometimes the would get stuck and couldn't bend their legs to get out. Haven't seen snow like that in years!

    I bet Gracie really enjoyed her walk! :-)

  12. I also remember a lot more snow when I was little! And......of course having to walk home for lunch!

  13. The winters are milder down here too! Of course we never have all the snow that you all have up North, BUT we hardly need to unpack the sweaters:) Hope you have a blessed Sunday, HUGS!

  14. Reading blogs from all over the country and even Europe, it seems like winter is slow in coming this year. We were in T-shirts for several days last week. Yesterday, it cooled down some. And yes of course we went to school more or less regardless of the weather. And walked alone without fear.

  15. Great photos from times gone by.
    I grew up in Oklahoma and we had snow from time to time. I never got used to it and certainly never miss it, though it is lovely to look at. I love Louisianna weather! Enjoy these "days of fluke". ;-)

  16. Cool photos! What memories! It does look like there was quite a bit more snow then than now. Weird, huh?

  17. I think we just need to come up with some new steps for that snow dance Bobbi! Although the cold is supposed to return this week, maybe it'll encourage the snow to come too?

  18. Wonderful pics, Bobbi. Here in GA, the weathermen go nuts if there is a chance of snow. Everything shuts down and folks scurry to the store to buy groceries!

    It seems so many across the U.S. are having a mild winter so far.

    You and Gracie are famous to me - so your dreams did come true!

  19. Seeing your pictures makes me want to pull out my old pictures.

  20. Our last three winters have been horrible (by my standards)! I am enjoying these mild temps. I tell people all the time that it wouldn't hurt my feelings if I never saw snow again. Love the old pictures!


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