Thursday, January 5, 2012

bad news. good news.

Dear Diary,

The kiddo's haven't been here in a couple of days and the attention is all mine.  Tonight it was skunky-skunky who has the skunky and yesterday it was chase the squirrelly friend.  It's all about me!  

Then, bad news and good news.  The bad news - I lost my hiding place under the Christmas Village.

The good news - I got my window back.   Gracie.


  1. I like your good news, Gracie! Now you can do your guarding job again. :-)

  2. Oh Gracie
    I am sad that you lost your place under the Christmas Village- but I bet it will be back next year!
    nitey nite

  3. It's NICE to be the CENTER of ATTENTION every now and then. Glad you're having a GOOD time, GRACIE. Sometimes you have to GIVE up something you like, for something you like even better. I LOVE a window with a view. Take care.

  4. Gracie,
    Everyone needs a "me" day from time to time and I'm glad you enjoyed yours. I love the photo of you and your reflection in the window. I have a feeling there are more "me" days in your future!!

  5. I love your window spot, Gracie! Especially since I see another darling "Gracie" looking back at you....

    and you just eat up that attention... you are a diva and I love you for it.... glad it was all about you.... (but I must say if those adorable kiddos were around I'm afraid I would be a traitor like your Mom...)
    Here's a big hug, Cute Fuzzy friend!


  6. Two Gracies???? Thats soooooo cool! Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. Oh Gracie, you are the queen! Enjoy the day, HUGS!

  8. Me tinks da good news is far better den da bad news is bad. You can always go hide somewhere else, butt where can you get a good view like dat.

  9. Ooooooh what a nice BIG window you has! It's perfect to watch da squirrels....and to sees your reflection....and make nose art!


  10. Hi Gracie, Hope you have a great weekend watching all the critters outside. I know your mom and dad appreciate it, you do keep them safe after all.

  11. I want to know more about that skunky skunky game

  12. You guard Girl! Woof, woof, your Samson.

  13. Hi Gracie... so glad you got your window back... there are lots of things to see outside now... Tessy sends her love, xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  14. Gracie, I think I rather have a window over a hiding place! You can keep an eye on things with that great big window of yours!


  15. Gracie, I love your reflection in that gorgeous window! Hope you all have a nice weekend. Bobbi, I love your paw prints background.


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