Sunday, December 25, 2011

In Trouble

I hate to admit it.  Especially after the silly $400 'bet'...

Remember the Ipod Touch that I was 99% sure I was getting? Along with a box full of bricks? 

Well...  I was wrrrrr  

 wrrrrrrrrrrr  wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrong

That was very hard to say.

It was actually an ipad2!  

And the bricks...  well that was a cinder block.  Ahhhemmm...  isn't that in the brick family??

 I love my ipad!  Thank you Gary.  Now, lets let bygones be bygones.  I promise I'll never try to guess another gift.  Never.  Let's just drop that silly bet!

The kiddies showed up a little before noon today.  I had made a lasagna casserole and it was hot on the counter.  Gary baked fresh homemade bread...  and my homemade cookies and fudge were on hand for dessert.  

We are so blessed to have grandchildren!  

The aroma of pine mingled with soy based wax melts  and candles in Zucchini bread scent could be enjoyed upon leaving the dinner smells of the kitchen and entering the living room.

Then I had to shove my hand half way down Gracie's throat to retrieve a hershey kiss that she'd stolen off of a package and swallowed almost swallowed whole.

Kids make Christmas so special.  I don't think I've ever seen Jake so excited.  He could hardly contain himself while he was telling me about the train set Santa left under his tree and how last evening he saw Santa on a fire-truck and Santa gave him a candy bar.

Justin.  Son #2

Summer found the perfect place to lay her head...

Right on Grammy... Where she belonged.

 Jake and Rissi played for a long time with the train and Christmas village.  

We ate, laughed and spoiled the grandkids.  

After the family fun, Gary and I went to a Christmas movie.  War Horse.  It was a beautiful movie and yes, it made me cry.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day.  I sure did!

Dear Diary,

What kind of a mom would take a wonderful, best toy a dog ever got from Santa, and hang it up high so their dog couldn't get it?  A mean one..  that's what kind.  

  She had no right taking it away.  So I begged and I barked and I watched my toy and asked... Please, mom I promise I won't rip it to shreds! Then I barked some more.

Finally she caved.

But in a weak moment I did what I was not supposed to do. 

And Now I'm in trouble.


  1. Wonderful pics of your Christmas with family, Bobbi! So fun to see the little ones so excited.

    Poor Gracie! You have had quite a day!

  2. Sounds like a perfect Christmas!

  3.'ve gots to call me and we'll figure dis problem'll take some ingenuity and careful jurisprudence so you can have whats you wants and nor destroy it. You gets it some day. Glad everyone else had smiles on their faces...Cheers!

  4. Hey there, Bobbi! sounds like y'all had a wonderful Christmas filled with love, children, and family.... and a precious though rather spoiled dog....

    Sounds pretty near perfect, to me!


  5. Well, Gracie, it looks like Trouble is your middle name!! Hey, I have an iPad2! I already have all my pages full of apps!!! We love Angry birds, Centipede and Frogger. I can tell you some great ones for Rissi, it has interactive books where she can tap on things and they do things, it has coloring pages and sparkle paint, and she would LOVE the taking bird and elephant, they will repeat everything you say. The iPad2 is a goldmine for kids. Oh, and wait till you try the fun camera effects in Photo Booth!!! Hey, can you tell I'm in love with it!! I love all your pictures, thanks for sharing Christmas Day with us!!!

  6. Looks like the hubby surprised you in a BIG way. You're going to love your new tablet. ENJOY! ENJOY! What a lovely time you and your family had celebrating today. Everyone looks so-oo happy. Well except for Gracie. Poor thing chewed her toy to pieces, she LOVED it so much. Our Christmas was quite interesting here. Someone hacked our credit card information and used it to buy plane tickets for almost a thousand dollars on Christmas Eve. The security at the bank called to tell us. Now our card is blocked until a new one is issued after the holiday. The headaches this causes are enormous. Oh well. Que Serra Serra. I hope they catch the bad guys who did this. My husband needs a pacemaker. I need two new knees. We didn't need someone stealing our money, at Christmas, no less. Take care.

  7. Your Christmas sounds like it was wonderful. Mine was great too. Spent Christmas eve at my 91 year old grandmother's house with extended family. Christmas day was spent with hubby, 2 sons, a childhood friend and a girlfriend. Oh, I got an iPad 2 as well.

  8. Super pics!!! And Gracie, I only took some of the fuzz off my new ball so far, hehe!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  9. What a wonderful gift from your Honey! Love seeing all of your sweet family enjoying Christmas Day with you all! Soooooo cute... Summer is SOOOOOO cute!

    Gracie, you behave so that you don't get into trouble! Your Mom loves you and doesn't want to scold you:) Hugs from Georgia!

  10. and mee needs to run away from home. Furst you had da toy taken away...den dat wonderfur piece of candy....mee didn't get da dwess Mom was supposed to make for mee...Yup, me can understand why you was madd and put a teenie weenie holey in your toy. Butt da kids had fun anyway ... we was da forgotten ones.

  11. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Lasagna casserole sounds good. A lot of people had lasagna yesterday. I know it was great having the baby around. Building sweet Christmas memories. Tugie got some new toys for Christmas. One she is scared of...the kind that has the water bottle inside that She runs from it. But she got another with a squeeky toy on each end and she loves that one. She also got a pig that squeeks and she is curled up with it this morning. Have a good DAY AFTER. One of my favorite times of the year.

  12. You had a perfectly splendid day! The children seem intrigued with the Christmas village - - and the lasagna - - - I can taste it now. That's what my sister makes for Christmas, too. Your description of the day and the looks on everyone's faces tells me how much fun you all had - - - even Gracie. It seems like it was worth the trouble she got into for all the fun she had "being a dog and devouring her prey!" It doesn't matter where you live if you are a dog and a cloth animal is in your midst. Did you read about Chance's duck?

  13. Hi there, I loved seeing your pics-such a beautiful family you have. Our Sadie used to rip apart all her toys, just to get the stuffing out and to find the squeaker. Your grands are adorable and you sound like you had the perfect Christmas. Have a great week.

  14. Bobbi what a beautiful post!!!
    I can nearly smell all the wonderful aromas coming from your kitchen...
    Gracie Madi here...don't worry about that small indiscretion..I have it on good authority that Santa has a very short memory.
    Hugs from your BFFF,

  15. We want to see War Horse too. I'm glad you prepared me for tears. I'll be sure to take some kleenex with me.

    Our daughter is amazed that we displayed the gingerbread houses on our bar, within easy access for the Yorkies and they haven't even tried to bother them. (Our loveseat sits just in front of the bar.)

  16. I think your Christmas sounded perfect. Family and friends, and kids, and food- what more is there?

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  18. Thanks for stopping by..Gracies toy looks to be as torn apart as Chance's duck! Your grands are beautiful! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!! :)

  19. Such sweet family happenings at your home! A joy stopping by to visit with you. Sending wishes for a very happy New Year!


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