Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Advice from Gracie

So, anyway...  there's a few things you'll need to know if you want to visit with the nag the grammy often. 

 First of all, if the nag grammy gives you a cookie, always ask for another one because you want to give it to the dog  more is always better.  

Secondly, never eat Cheerio's from a no-spill bowl.  I heard they're cheaply made in China and the paint's not good for little cookie carriers like you - oh don't worry about spilling them... I've got your back.  

Oh, and one more thing...   the dog always trumps the baby.  
Got that? 

  Now go see if you can't get us yourself a cookie...



  1. This is toooo cute Bobbi!... Tessy is learning alot of things from Gracie, and says "thanks for the tips"... xoxo Julie Marie PS Summer is precious too of course!

  2. What a cute post and adorable photo of Summer/Gracie. Gracie figures it's not too early to teach Summer who is in charge!!!!! Good luck with the cookies and Cheerios, Gracie!

  3. GRACIE what a sweetheart you are showing Summer the ropes at Grammy's house. She looks like she took your words to heart. This is the start of a beautiful relationship. Take care.

  4. Me and Mom is laughing like crazy Gracie! You sure are top dog!!!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  5. Great advice! Adorable picture.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Poor Gracie. You sound like you're feeling a bit displaced from the usual pecking order. Hang in there; soon you'll love having two cookie sharers around!

  7. You make sures you train dat baby right! Dump whatever be in da bowl onto da floor and definitely get lots and lots of cookies. When all else fails...leave da chair far enough away from da table so da pup can jump on da table and clean it all up so Mom don't have to.

  8. Train 'em while they're young. It's easier than teaching an old dog new tricks - - right? Does that baby girl have some pretty red hair or is it reflected from something? Cute pic of both "girls".

  9. Oh you tells her Gracie! It's kinda a shame da babe don't lives theres cuz you could haves cookies aaaaaall day long. Course, then you would haves to take extra walks to gets rid of da weight gain and well...dat would just exert far too much energies. We must retain our energies furs takin' overs da world.

    PS: Gracie, your mum told me a story but I ain't suppose to tells you...hehehehehehe!

  10. Oh Gracie, I know that you are enjoying having that cute little baby around... aren't you? She will grow up soon and be dropping cookie crumbs, cheerios and all kinds of yummy morsels for you to eat:) Enjoy your evening, tell Mom I said HI!

  11. How precious is this photo, Bobbi!! Gracie is the best babysitter anyone could have,
    Wishing you and your family a very blessed, and Happy New Year.

    Gracie train the young'uns early and often!! Absolute hilarious!!
    Give the nag I mean the Grammy a raise.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  13. the wisdom of Gracie.... very profound! you should get a cookie for being cute and then another for being so smart!

    Happy new year, to my fuzzy, cuddly, Gracie - friend and her Mama and her whole family!


  14. Oh Gracie I think you can handle the whole competition thingie! Even if she is the most beautiful baby EVER!!!!

  15. What kind of cookie do you want?
    I will see if I can get you one- okay, Gracie?
    Little baby Summer is getting prettier all the time!

  16. Stopping by to wish you all a happy new year. God bless. I treasure your friendship, Bobbi.


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