Thursday, November 24, 2011


Dear Diary,
My place is beside mom on her chair.    Velcro-ed to her Sitting beside of her and keeping her company. I used to shy away and let Rissi have her lap when she was here.  But I hear tell that there will be another one of these little peeps coming soon and guess what?  More lap time taken away from me.  Uh uh!  Not gonna  happen.  


There.  That's better.  

Oh.  back to you dear diary...  Anyway.  Today was T-Day.  I learned 2 things today.

1.  Beggin' for the T-bird all day makes a pup very tired.

2.  What they say about T-bird being a sleep aid is right on!



  1. Gracie, As big as mommy's heart is, she has plenty of love for you and both the little ones!

    God bless you all, Bobbi, on this Thanksgiving weekend.

  2. thats a sweet photo of you and Risa, and Gracie does look tired out, hard work,

  3. Ah, sweet Gracie, you've earned your nap. Enjoy!

  4. Hope you all had a great one!! How did you do this video, were you in front of a fun house type mirror? So funny!

  5. Gracie, there is always plenty of room on Mom's lap, you might just have to share just a bit....but you know she loves you! Seems like you did have a good Thanksgiving day!


  6. Oh Gracie, there is one thing I have learned on your Mom's blog... She LOVES you to pieces and LOVES having you on her lap:) Enjoy today, go for a walk and sniff some flowers! HUGS!

  7. Hehe, I'm thinking there will always be room for you on Moms lap too!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  8. Gracie you look so sweet... hope you had a nice Thanksgiving... can't wait for the new little one to arrive!... (you will still get you lap space little Gracie)... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  9. Today maybe a little rest. Gracie has the right idea.

  10. Well, Gracie, at least you got to BEG for da T-Bird dat was dere. Da Momma and Da Daddy went to one of dos dere eating places where lots of strangers meet to eat (what da fun in dat?) and dey didn't even bring MEE home one single piece of T-Bird. So me couldn't beg for sometin dat wasn't even dere. Can me come to your house?

  11. Dear Bobbi and Gracie, Samson and I say thank you so much for your kind and loving Thanksgiving message to us. All the best back to you. And a small, kind, reminder to Gracie: Attitude Change, someone?

  12. Gracie - - One more option might be to get a bigger chair!!! Yummy Turkey Day. Glad you got to gobble some down!

  13. Gracie, you are a sweet pupper that deserves a prize for sharing Mommy's lap.... even though it gets on your last furry nerve.....

    PS. You have a very silly Daddy and a silly Rissi....I think they had entirely too much Turkey....


  14. That was some cool video... Dont worry Gracie. Mom has plenty of room for you in her heart. And yes turkey makes Ragsy sleepy too. Hugs, LJ

  15. Gracie don't go getting jealous. Sharing lap time will be fun. And remember when Rissa and the new little one go home, you have your momma all to yourself. Glad you got a nap after all that hard work. I hear tell turkey makes you a tad bit sleepy. Take care. PS) the funny faces were neat.

  16. Hi Gracie
    I bet you are dreaming of that T BIRD tonight!
    nitey nite!


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