Thursday, October 6, 2011


LaVale's tennis courts are just minutes from our home.  It's a great time for Gracie because I can set her free to run and chase balls and sniff corners with no fear of her running away (or getting fleas *crossing fingers*.    It doesn't give Hub or me much exercise though, so tonight we decided that while she was running here and there and everywhere... we would walk around and around and around the courts. 
 She stopped in her tracks and gave us the weirdest look!  

Dear Diary,
Mom and Dad are strange.  Oops.  I guess I shouldn't say that since they were nice enough to take me to the tennis courts tonight to run.  We stayed for a long time.. longer than usual..  because - (get this..) they were walking hand in hand around in circles.  I couldn't get them to go home.  So I ran, chased balls, and ran some more.  When I got home mom asked me, 'gracie, why are you licking your pads?'  Ha!  whadayathink goofus sweet caring mom...  My paws hurt!  *Yawn*.  
So tired.  Going to bed.  Gracie.


  1. That photo of Gracie is so cute!
    Love that big leaf you are holding also!
    One time, we carried H to the baseball field near our home and closed the gate so she could safely run.....she just stood there, like, you are kidding, right??!!
    I'm glad that Gracie enjoyed her freedom run tonight.
    Hope you all sleep well.

  2. oH Gracie
    Your poor little footies.
    Maybe your mom needs to make you some shoes. Or maybe she will give you a little foot rub?
    nitey nite

  3. Wish we had a tennis court close at hand, Boudxy would love it and that's a great idea! This was grooming day for B which seems to always be stressful for him, but he is looking mighty handsome tonight, and rockin' his "mohawk" do!

  4. Be careful with the sore pads whining. They will put little booties on you.

  5. Sounds like a fun evening out for mom and dad and you. Sorry your paw pads got a little tender, Gracie. Take it easy the next time, you are out and about. GODNIGHT.

  6. I bet Gracie did get tired!! Sounds like great exercise for all of you!!

    have a great weekend!


  7. Love the picture of you with the giant leaf! What a cool idea to get all three of you exercise!

  8. Kisses, and licks for your poor footies Gracie! Mom loves the leaf pic! Lovies, Miss Mindy

  9. OMD....OMD.....OMD......dat leaf looks jus' like da leaf dat was stuck to mee butt in mee taco postee da odder day! OMD You picked mee leaf off!!!!!!! Now mee butt is showin'!!!!

  10. Oh Gracie, your Mom is just trying to keep you from getting into the fleas:) BUT they need exercise too! Hang in there girl, do fleas die out in the winter? I hope so and you can go back to normal walks! HUGS!

  11. Now that was a good idea! Why not get some exercise too!

  12. Rest up, Gracie! My paws get tired sometimes, too.

    Your pal, Pip

  13. I can't imagine running barefoot for very long on cement, my feet would be sore too! Great that you got out to play, Gracie!

  14. Fresh air and exercise will definitely wear a person and a pup out. Hooray for a good alternative to a regular walking route.

  15. Sounds like y'all had a fun (and healthy) time, even if you did complain, Gracie girl!! I am always so happy to read your "side of the story" though, so I know what REALLY happened! LOL!



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