Tuesday, October 4, 2011

other plans

I have to admit that the best time of my life was when my kids were little and getting on my last nerve.     

Summers were perfect then.

  kix for breakfast.  

winnie the pooh on tv.

  off to the sandbox for the day.  

chocolate ice cream dripping from dirty faces. 

children laughing outside of the window. 

skinned knees and sunburned faces.  

playing hide and seek long after dark. 

the cat in the hat and nighttime prayers.

the quiet moments just after the last giggle was heard.

knowing that morning would bring more of the same.

Fall meant goblins and fairy princesses sharing bags of candy.

jumping in crisp cold leaves piled high.


Winter days brought hefty snowmen with eyes made of coal and a fresh carrot nose.

hot chocolate with marshmallow.

baking cookies.

christmas plays and waiting for santa.

Spring was a time to look forward to all of the above.

i swear, i thought they'd stay young forever.  but they had other plans.


  1. Hi Bobbi, Love this my friend but I got to tell you as fun as it was having little ones around, I love, mean really love, having grandkids-so much easier and lots of fun all the time.
    Have a wonderful evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Yes.....but now you have the grandkids. And the best pawt....when you gets tired, you can always send dem back home again!


  3. When I see young mothers who are impatient with their kids, I want so badly to be able to convey to them the reality that this really only lasts but for a moment. I miss my kids being kids. I love them as adults, but I miss them as kids. Maybe it will get better when they finally give me some grandkids! ;-)

    That was a sweet post, Bobbi.

  4. What a wonderful post Bobbi!... such happy memories and now you can do all those things with your precious little grandchildren... and I'm sure Gracie loves many of those as well... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. I "feel" that post, my thoughts exactly.
    It was the Camelot of my life. *sniff

  6. Such a great post - wonderful memories!

  7. In the blink of an eye,Bobbi.

  8. My daughter is only five, but I already feel like time is flying by. I know I am going to blink and she will be 16! We must treasure every moment.

  9. Such beautiful memories. Beautiful post. My mommy never had any kids,, but she said she can remember all those times for herself and it was just yesterday it seems.. but she blinked and now she cannot believe she is as old as she is,, and it seemed like only yesterday that she ate KIX for breakfast.

  10. Those were the days, my friend. That's why we have grandchildren. To make new memories.

  11. I'd go back and do it all over again, if given the oportunity, the good, the bad, the ugly. I always tell young moms don't rush it away; it goes by so fast anyway!


  12. Yes, it all passes by way to quickly! Glo

  13. Such lovely memories, Bobbi. But you have been promoted to Grandma, and this is fantastic!

    You see, the rules are so different for grandmas. Spoiling the babies is on the top of the list, therefore enjoying them all the time, with much less worries and concerns.

    Mom and dad will have to "fix" what you "disturb", and the next time you have them, you can do it all over again.

    It sounds bad, or mean, but it is not! That's what grandmas are for! Fun all the time!
    Love ya!

  14. So nicely put Bobbi!!! I miss those days and now my grands are all grown up also. Waiting for great grands, gee I wish they would hurry up, lol... Hugs, LJ

  15. Time just flies, doesn't it? All too soon the grandchildren grow up too...

  16. I know... the memories are wonderful of those days! BUT, thankfully there are Grandchildren to enjoy:) Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  17. Great post Bobbi!!
    That cartoon was funny. When I was a child there was a mom in our neighborhood that would not let her kids in the house during the summer. She served all their meals outside and left water for them....but her door was looked.
    LOL She had 2 boys and twin girls.
    Hugs C

  18. Tell me about it. How did my kids get to be 27 and 32 so very fast?


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