Friday, August 26, 2011


The Hub thinks he's 'Winning' in his new Charlie Sheen bowling shirt...

But let me tell you a little something about what he did the other day..

He called me into his office and the conversation went something like this.

Gary: "I found it!  I finally found it!"  

Me: "Found what?"

Gary: "Remember the foam antibacterial hand sanitizer I was looking for?"

I remembered it well.  We went to Lowe's one night in search of the hard to find hand sanitizer and it was nowhere to be found.

Me:  "Yea..."

Gary:  "I found it at Lowes!  Here it is!!"  

He shoved the dispenser in my face and insisted I try it.  

Gary:  "It's great!  But it seems to take a while to dry for some reason."  He shakes his head like he doesn't understand. 

By then I had pumped a few big foamy helpings onto my own hand and rubbed my hands together.  

Me:  "It feels a little...  sticky..."

Me:  "Gary...  this is soap...  not hand sanitizer!"

Me:  "Now take that Winning Shirt off and put your loser shoes on"

Of course, I'm kidding.  He would rarely make this kind of mistake so I just had to call him on it.  

Of course he's...  Winning!


  1. Hi Bobbi, Such a funny post-your hubby looks so much better in his shirt than Charlie Sheen.
    I may have asked you this before(if I did just count it as do you have problems with Gracie's ears? Do you pluck the hair from her ears?
    I know that many dogs with long ears can get lots of infections and wondered if you have dealt with this or how you've prevented it?
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Noreen & Reggie-dog

  2. I knew when I started reading what was going to happen! But the foaming soaps are great, we both love them and use them lots, and the girls love them, too. Men really don't seem to read things in the store as well as women. My best friend sent her husband to the grocery store with a list of less than 12 things. She showed them to him at home so he could even see what they looked like. He came home with seven wrong. I don't even want to think of Gary and Charlie Sheen in the same sentence!

  3. Definitely a "winning" post! Gary looks charming!

    Maybe try a hospital supply or some such for the foaming hand sanitizer.

  4. Making me smile tonight. Great post.

  5. My moms have been confused about the same topic!
    Your hubby is not alone

  6. Hehe. Good one, Gary! Thanks, Bobbi, for sharing the laugh....

    I remember not paying attention one day, and ending up spraying my hair with deodorant instead of hair spray..... hehehe.

    Guess we all have our "absent minded professor days," huh!

    And they are usually pretty funny....


  7. Oh, and that was when I was a teen, and boy did I get teased from my family....

    Didn't see the humor then, But now I think it was too funny!

    We have sooo many funny moments that have happened over the years, aren't inside family jokes fun??

  8. Your post made me smile! Wishing you guys a nice, safe weekend.

    Mrs. M. Lane

  9. Oh bless his little heart:) Sometimes our fellas make a tiny mistake and we can't let it slip by! He is handsome anyway!

    Enjoy your day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  10. And this is why they need us! great photo of your dh, and such a fun read for me today.Enjoy your weekend

  11. We are heheing down here! Puppy kisses, Miss Mindy

  12. Oh Bobbi that is too funny. Great reenactmen of the conversation.

    RE: Puddles
    I emailed her Mom in late June they were ok. They were cutting back on blogging while Puddles' girl was out of school over the summer. I hope Puddles and her mom will be back online soon. I miss her too.

    Hugs to you and gorgeous Gracie,
    Madi and Mom

  13. UhOh...Gary sounds like me Dad...he never reads tings carefully either. Shhhhhh.....(Men are like dat)!

  14. Too cute. Maybe it's not a senior moment. Rather it's the summer heat wearing on his brain.

  15. BOL! soap vs. hand sanitizer-it's confusing!
    Maddy and Owen

  16. Gary looks better in his shirt than Charlie--So WINNING!!

    I had to chuckle at his mistake, and your pointing it out. I would have done that too!

    Hope you're doing okay and not getting too pounded from the storm!

  17. Good thing you set him straight an he didnt use that just before bowling, lol...

  18. Good try Gary! That's why Bobbi is keep an eye on you! lol


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