Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fleas, Hurricanes, and Ears

One of the good things about working in an adjoining office is, if you wake up late, then discover your dog who was just groomed the day before is now crawling with fleas, so you concoct your magic mixture of Dawn dishwashing liquid and water and pull the dog out from under the bed, lay her out spread eagle on the rug beside the picture window so the sun makes it easy to see, then with a q tip soaked in the Dawn, chase  them, dab them, kill them... one at a time...   drown them in the magic solution...   while the dog looks wild eyed and ready to run when she gets the ok...  umm..  

where was I? 

 How many sentences did I run together above?  Was that an entire run on sentences that I didn't even finish?  
Well, let me finish then..

One of the good things about working from an adjoining office is, if you're late for work you grab your makeup and orange juice and make a run for it.

Everyone is still talking about the Ear.  When someone calls to come in for an appointment I tell them to look for the ear.  One customer couldn't find it because he was looking for the 'deer'...  Yes, his hearing aid was broken and needed repaired.  God love him...

We were heading for Atlantic City this weekend to visit Gary's daughter and donate a little money to the casino...  but Irene called and said there's not room for both of us there.  I cancelled my reservation.

Come spring, part 2 of the ear makeover will happen and it will include a flower bed.  For now, here's what we have:

Look for the ear?  What ear?  I don't see no ear!

Dear Diary,
Stop! Drop! Roll Over!!  When I hear these words I cringe.  I am now an automatic roll-over dog.  I see the Crazy Woman  Mom coming towards me, I stop, drop and roll. She picks at me like a monkey in the zoo. Life is the pits.  Gracie.


  1. I love the ear and look forward to the flowerbed around it! It's a great way to give directions! (if they hear you correctly, right?!)

    So sorry Gracie got fleas - that's frustrating! That is such a cute pic of her.

    Hope you all have a nice weekend, Bobbi.

    Mrs. M. Lane

  2. Did you say beer? ;-)))

    I think Irene is putting a damper on lots of plans this weekend!!

    Gracie, I hope you feel better, because you really look great!!!

  3. Hope you are safe from Irene where you are Bobbi... Gracie... you are cute no matter what you do!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  4. It's good that Gracie's white, so you can see those fleas, but what about the eggs left behind? Do you just go in and repeat the process when they hatch?

    My poor Oklahoma (land of tornadoes) niece is living in VA, in the DC area. She said an earthquake and hurricane both in one week is about to cause her to rethink her decision to live there! ;-)

  5. Yep, has to be handy to be so close to work! Oh, I love what you have done for the ear! Have the 'powers that be' left you alone now? It looks really sharp and a flower bed will really make it stand out! :-)

    Sounds like you have a flea infestation somewhere... carpet, yard????

    Poor Gracie, those rotten old fleas!

  6. love the ear,, poor doggy, fleas suck!

  7. Hehehe... love your side of the story, Gracie, dear.... (or is that ear??) hee.

    Bobbi, that ear is just the coolest! And I can't wait to see what it looks like surrounded by some pretty greenery or flowers!

    And rude old Irene, she just doesn't know when she's not wanted.... we here on the gulf coast feel your pain..... because that's what hurricanes are, ONE BIG PAIN! Thank God we haven't got one this year so far...


  8. This ear looks different than when I saw it last. All finished and shiny and pretty! What are the numbers, your street address number? Yikes about Gracie, you just took her to the groomer, she shouldn't have bugs!!

  9. Now I can't remember , I think it was the vet and not the groomer, so she REALLY shouldn't have bugs!

  10. Oh no... not fleas on sweet Gracie :( Hope all is well, you would think that she would come home WITHOUT them and not WITH them!

    Love the EAR! It is obvious that the work you all are doing is needed in the community:)

    Have a blessed day dear friends!

  11. Poor Gracie! Fleas are definitely no fun. Your carved ear looks incredible.

  12. Hi there, Gracie looks so beautiful; I've never heard of getting fleas like you do-great idea. Of course one of the benefits to living in Colorado is that we don't have them here-yippee. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  13. BWHahahahaha....maybes you should say "look for da squirrels". Me can't tink of much dat sounds like "squirrel" 'cept for maybe "hurl". BOL

    Be safe..and have a nice weekend!

  14. The ear looks so good!

    So sorry Gracie is battling the fleas again! We've been letting our kitties out with us a little and I've been worried that they would get them but so far so good.


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