Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life Is Good

Everything I do, I consider how it will affect Gracie.  


Whoever thought that I would one day be owned by a dog?!

When I come in the house after being away, I drop everything to greet her.   When I leave to go somewhere, I feel guilty, leaving her alone.  

No one eats dinner until she gets hers. 

Does she need to go outside?  Is she cool enough?  Does she have fleas?  Better check her tummy.  Are her ears clean? Is she comfortable?  Does she want her blanket?  Is she too hot with her blanket?  If I move in bed, will I disturb her?  


Will she mind if I sit in her recliner for a few minutes?

Dear Diary,

Finally!  My own human slave.  I think I have her right where I want her.  Sad eyes = guilt.  Pacing = taking me outside.  Rolling over = belly rub.  Raising right paw = hug around the neck.  Chickie Bird in mouth = playtime.  Gumby in lap = more playtime.  Begging = morsels of food tossed in my direction.  Pretending to be asleep in bed = me getting the entire middle of the bed.  Life is good.   Gracie. 

PS  I am feeling so much better than yesterday.


  1. You couldn't have a nicer owner, Bobbi! :-)

  2. So glad to hear Gracie is better! I was worried about her. She has you well trained!

  3. LOL about you planning your life around Gracie; we do the same here with Koda. How did they get so spoiled? Still trying to figure that one out!

    Glad to hear the business is going well and the pens were delivered in time!

    Sorry about the ants. Never like when they decide to take up residence in my home.

    Glad to hear another little girl is part of your family!


  4. HeeHee! Gracie, you are livin' the good life "fer" sure! And Bobbi, we were the exact same way with Jazz.... oh my goodness! He was so rotten I bet y'all could smell him all the way up there in Maryland!

    And oh, it's such fun to spoil them.....they become like our children, don't they? I was thinking the other day, there was hardly a spot on the top of his head that hadn't been kissed by one of us.......


  5. Gracie, I'm happy to hear you are feeling better! You have a good life and the greatest mommy ever!

  6. Thanks Gracie, I will try some of your tactics! Puppy Kisses, Miss Mindy

  7. Oh what a sweet picture of you two! I am happy to hear that Gracie is feeling better:)

    Gracie, you are one lucky gal!

    Have a blessed day dear Bobbi! HUGS!

  8. So glad you is feelin' better, Gracie! :o)

    Also happy to HEAR dat you has you peep so well trained. Good Job!

  9. Gracie, please tell your mom that she is still a lucky lady. You see, here at this house there are FIVE little critters that rule the roost!!

    Lucky you, little girl! Your mom is an adorable person that we all admire a lot!

  10. Oh, what a life our owners lead. But they're worth it.

  11. I have not yet read yesterday's post so did not know health was an issue. The important thing, Gracie, is you have trained your owners well.

  12. Clever Gracie! That is just the way it should be!

  13. You better watch a straight line, Gracie, cause if you mess up I'm movin' in. You've got a GREAT thing goin', Girl!

  14. It's the same thing here, but you and I wouldn't have it any other way, would we?

    I'm glad that all is going well with your business Bobbi! I continue to wish you much success that I know will come because of your hard work and your integrity, dedication and care in working with people!

  15. Oh Gracie, have you been emailing Tessy??? She seems to be acting the same way!... and yes, life IS good!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy too!

  16. Woof! Woof! Golden Happy for Gracie. Sending you guys lots of Golden LOVE. Happy FRIDAY! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  17. Can't have one without the other! You both need each other, in a good way. Have a great weekend Bobbi!

  18. I always love popping in here.....Gracie should indeed rule the world. She is gorgeous. Our girls think we love our Molly more than them. (c: hmmmmmm

  19. It sounds like you are the perfect pet owner! We are the same way with our kitties. I worry sick about them when we are on vacation. They pretty much rule the house and come first.


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