Friday, July 29, 2011

It Would Be A Sin

While our flowers are scorching in the summer heat...

Other, more useful plants are thriving.

Gary's tomatoes should be ready in a matter of weeks... 

And our grape harbor is overflowing with glorious, delicious grapes that are READY!!  What to do with these grapes?!  There are tons of them!  

And they are oh-so-sweet!!!

It would be a sin to let these go to waste.  I'm open for some good wine recipes or jelly.  Anyone???

Ever so gently, a rain fell before our evening walk this evening, and the heat wave was replaced with cooler temperatures and air that is much easier to breath.

 God decided to show off a bit and painted a beautiful rainbow in the sky.  

We dodged a few huge raindrops, but it didn't amount to much.  Gracie, who usually cringes at anything water related, didn't seem to mind. 

Waiting for your recipes...  :-)


  1. I haven't made grape jelly for years, no grapes, wish we were neighbors. But when i did, I used the recipe that came with Sure Jell. We loved it.

  2. Great capture of the beautiful rainbow! They can be hard to translate to the lens! Sorry I can't help, I have never cooked with grapes!

  3. Do you know Teresa of

    She makes all kinds of wine (and a gazillion other things). I couldn't find her label thing for it, but I bet she can show you the way - she uses the right equipment etc.

    We do ours kind of hap-hazard and sometimes it's great and sometimes - not so much.

  4. You have grapes! Oh, you are so lucky. I am afraid I don't have any recipes for grapes, but I will ask around. Our tomatoes are a few weeks away as well. Can't wait!

  5. Wow
    your plants are so far ahead of ours. We will not have grapes until September! Your grapes are beautiful.. and all your plants look so healthy.
    I love the rainbow

  6. No recipes here:) Hope you find a good one! The rainbow is gorgeous, we need rain desperately down here! Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  7. Good Saturday Morning Bobbi, What a pretty rainbow! Glad you received some cooling rain. Your grapes look gorgeous. Unfortunately, I've never made jam but I remember my grandma making grape jam and how flavorful it was. Best wishes and enjoy the weekend.

  8. I wouls say, just box them up ans send to us! BOL, Have a nice weekend! Puppy kisses, Miss Mindy

  9. Hi Bobbi... oooh those grapes look delish!... we used to grow grapes at our little farm, and one of my most favorite things to do was wash them, roll them in a little sugar, then freeze them... they are yummy right out of the freezer and the sugar keep them from going mushy... also, you can dip them in chocolate, just like you would strawberries... YUM!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Then you have something to eat while you are making wine!!!

  10. Even in this heat your crops are still thriving. My tomatos are all withered, even with me watering them. I usually use the recipe on the boxes, like the SureJell too. There's nothing like homemade jam in the winter.

  11. Mommy would love to have a garden like yours, but we don't have a yard! Hope you get some yummy recipes :)
    Maddy and Owen

  12. Those Grape vines with the ripe grapes are beautiful!

    Don't have any wine or jelly recipes.... my grandmother used to have plum trees in her yard and would make plum jelly, though. It was so good! Homeade bread with real butter and homemade jelly is delish!

    I hope you get some good recipes!

  13. All those grapes! Besides eating a few of course, I have made grape jelly a few times with our 'harvest' which is not as much as you guys have. I would get mine off the 'net'. Just google grape jelly and you'll have plenty to choose from. Good luck!


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