Sunday, June 19, 2011

Party Time?

No better way to celebrate Father's Day than to spend time with Gary's family...  

Enter - Bethlehem Pennsylvania. 

We spent time at the Downs OTB with his Uncle Victor where I won over $100 on scratch off tickets.  

Gary's daughter Stacy and her boyfriend Vinnie met us there  and then we all went out to dinner.

After lugging our bags up two flights of narrow, filthy, steps - Hotel #1 smelled bad and looked dirty.  

 Hotel #2 was passable.  

The Casino was fun, but I'm sure glad I'm not a true blue gambler.  I'd be living in the streets.  I lost the money I won on the scratch offs and then some.  

Gary's daughter Stacy is always so thoughtful and never forgets her dad on special occasions.  I'm so glad she came from Jersey to spend the day with us!

Today before heading for home, it was brunch with Gary's mom.  After good conversation and a few good laughs, we were homeward bound.  

It's good to be home, but tomorrow we're on the road again.  Fredericksburg, Va. for a business meeting.  I'm tired.

Dear Diary,

I knew it would be ugly.  The word 'vacation' along with suitcases and a lot of belly rubs and cuddling could mean only one thing.  Mom and dad were leaving me again.   Lindsey and Rissi came to spend time with me and take me out to potty. But I was still sad. They're home now... but there's talk of them leaving me again tomorrow.  I'm torn between being sorrowful and sad or throwing a big 'ol 'my parents are away party'.  Who's in? Gracie.


  1. I'm so happy you and Gary got to spend time with his daughter and her friend and Gary's mom. Thanks for sharing the pics. Gracie, I hope Harriet does not find out you are having a party!!!!
    Have safe travel this week.

  2. Gracie, how could they leave you and not at least give you the remote and access to the internet??

    But I"m glad your Mom and Dad had a good time, but I know they missed you and think of you often!!

    PS: Thank you for the kind and comforting thoughts you've left on my blog and FB too!! Sharing it with friends makes it easier...

  3. Great, great Father's Day pictures!!! I love seeing Gary's family, too!! I remember you posting about uncle Vic. You and Gary are just SOOOO cute!! Oh, what a face on Gracie!

  4. PARTAY!!!! LOL have a blast Gracie!

  5. Gracie was a sad little face...keep it up and Mom and Dad will feel very very guilty. MOL

    I'll head on up to keep you company. I should be there is about 6 hours. Leave a light on,
    Hugs Madi

  6. I says go for da pawty, Gracie. Tell all of Blogville to come and den tell da folks dat you wants dem to spend more time away from home and dat you'll miss dem but you wants DEM to haves more fun.

    {insert devil laugh}

  7. So glad y'all had a fun time with your dear family!!!!

    And I know leaving a pet is hard on the owner/Mommy too... I used to fret over leavin Jazz, he would follow us around and then sort become "resigned" to the fact of us leaving and go melt into his bed and blankie.... and stare at us with soulful eyes....

    **SMiles** that would make us feel even worse, hehe!

    Hugs for Gracie - Girl!

  8. Great family pictures and I know you made lots of good memories to tell Gracie all about.....

    How is your WW coming? I've been really good except when granddaughter wanted to make cookies on sat...that was a big downer..........

    I hope you have a good business trip.....

  9. Gracie, when the cat is away, the mouse will play! I know you aren't a mouse, but what happens when no one is home no one will ever tell! so enjoy yourself and party all night long!

    glad Bobbi that you got a chance to do a little fun this past weekend with family!


  10. Nice father's day, being with family is the best.
    I'm sure Gracie misses you when you are away. We have to go away soon and I am feeling bad about leaving Kelly :(

    p.s. I'm so glad you like the canteen thing, we love ours too! Kelly sends Gracie a big slurp!

  11. Oh is never easy when the folks are away. But I tell you, you might get yourself in trouble if you throw some big wild party! So you better stick with laying low...

  12. We are always sad when mommy and daddy leave...
    Maddy and Owen

  13. I am so glad that Gary had a nice Father's Day! Sounds like you had a good time too!


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