Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Women and Work Job # 6 & 7

 Job # 6.  Telemarketer

Telemarketer for Olan Mills Studio.   A great sales opportunity.  Sell portrait packages.  They used deception to get people to apply for the job, then they tried to bully them into being deceptive to people they spoke with on the phones.
I didn't fit in with the other girls and was left go
 after the first week.

Job # 7 Customer Service in a Designer Blind Factory

There was a two week training period for this job.  I tried my best and the supervisor knew it.  That's why she broke it to me gently.  "You're not right for the job" instead of saying - "You're not smart enough for the job."  

To Be continued...


  1. It AIN'T dat you not smart...some peoples just don't have a hard time being finaglers and will takes peoples last dime just so they can sell sumptin'. You has a heart Ms. Bobbi.


  2. Not SMART???? Fiddle dee dee! They were not very SMART to let you go!

    But it is true we are all given different gifts and strengths in life from God.... it would be really boring if we were all good at the same thing.... one thing you are def. gifted at is writing! I enjoy reading your blog!


  3. I cannot imagine you doing a job where they wanted you to deceive folks. I'm glad you left.

  4. At least we KNOW you tried! But deceiving people???? That sure stinks!

  5. Olan Mills! I remember them. We had a family portrait taken there when I was a kid and I do remember my mom saying they were very pushy. You were definitely better off leaving that job!

    Kristin (Pip's mom)

  6. I think it was to your benefit to leave Olan Mills. We have gotten pictures done by them in the past, they were always pushy; I never liked their sales pitches


  7. NO thank you to telemarketing - - not my cup of tea on either end of the phone. And I will do my own 'designing' around my own home but would not attempt it for pay for anyone else.

  8. I don't think that I could do a telemarketing job! I am sure that you were plenty smart!


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