Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Women and Work. Job #5

Job #5  Sitting with the Elderly

There is nothing quite so rewarding as when you feel needed.

Venetta called me her girl.  On Saturday and Sunday mornings she'd wait for me, propped up in her hospital bed and always wearing the same white cotton gown and the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen, for me to unlock the front door and come in to help her out of bed.  For me, it was a learning experience.  For her, it was a journey back in time as she shared stories of vacations, Christmas's, and life on Ormand street of days gone by.  When she died, I dreamed about her often and I missed her as if she'd been my own mother.

Then there was Mary, who had Parkensins disease.  Before her morning meds she trembled terribly.  By noon she'd be much calmer and we'd watch television together, eat lunch, tell stories and laugh, or go for groceries.  Watching the Scarecrow and Mrs. King was mandatory and she made no bones about the fact that she was in love with Bruce Boxleitner.

Lilly was a writer.  I would clean her house and take her for groceries.  She was cantankerous...  but I did as I was told and stayed quiet.

The list goes on and on and the blessings were many.

To Be Continued...


  1. I think the elderly are so interesting... they have so many valuable insights into life and I love hearing the stories of days gone by......

    I love it when my grandmother and great aunts and uncles who are WW2 Vets, get together....

    They were so strong to make it through all the adversities they faced, and the learned how to depend on God... I love to listen to them..


  2. I too always thought it was wonderful to be around the elderly, still do!

  3. I think a lot of them are just so lonely, maybe not close to family or family has died, just looking for ways to fill their days. I knew a lady once who would go and take elderly women out to lunch, run errands with them/for them, etc and got paid for it. She was trying to get me to be involved to help her, but we were getting ready to move so I never got involved. I'm sure this part of your life was a bit interesting


  4. The elderly gave so much to us when we were young. It is only right to give back. I am glad you contributed to their last days.

  5. I love the elderly! They have so much to tell! My Mom sat for the elderly when I was young. She switched to hospital work as I got older.


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