Thursday, April 21, 2011

How Much??!!

For the past two mornings I've showed up for work visibly covered in white dog fur.  That's what I get for wearing black, and for wallowing around on the floor at the animal hospital with Gracie.  This morning when I stopped in to see how she was doing, the tech said, 'do you want to spend some time with her?'

Of course I did.

Gracie showed me her leg where they shaved it for surgery and I teased and told her she had a poodle leg.

Then she told me she was ready to go home.

'Not yet' I said.  She was sad.

Later this afternoon she was released and I stopped to pay the bill and to bring her home.

HOW MUCH??!!  

Okay, so the plans we had for a weekend getaway to celebrate our birthdays next weekend are off. 

 A) Who can afford it? 

B) Gracie won't be ready to be left at the kennel 

But it's all good.  

Plans are made to be changed.

And there's a reason for everything.

Dear Diary,

I'm glad to be home.  Gracie.


  1. She looks like she is relieved to be at home!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh, Ruairi and The Sweet Babes

  2. I am so glad Gracie is doing great and able to come home. I had to put my Pete to sleep yesterday. At least now he can run and play without hurting. Give Gracie hugs for me.

  3. There is no better news than hearing that Gracie is home! I am so glad. Hugs!

  4. Shiloh'n Shasta here - YEAAAA - AROOOOOOO - Gracie iz home. Gracie - we totally unnerstand how much u r glad tu b home BUTT u still gotta uze this time tu your advantage - like x-tra snugglez an'x-tra treatz.

  5. She looks so blissful to be in one of her favorite spots at home! I am so glad she is doing OK.

    Plans are meant to be changed... true. The Vet bill being a shock, yes, true. But every penny is worth it!!

  6. Love can be expensive but we would rather pay the price than lose the love. Pets really tug on our hearts and our purses, too! Praise God for her being home and healthier.

  7. Gracie looks so relaxed and peaceful..... I can tell she is soooo glad to be home!

    and you are right, plans are made to be changed, but it's all under God's control!

    Glad you and your "fuzzy baby" are together again!

  8. Plans are indeed made to be changed, and the most important thing is that Gracie is home and doing well. Kind of reborn for Easter, wouldn't you say?

  9. Gracie looks grateful to be in her chair by the window. I am so happy she is home. I know it has been a tough week for all.

  10. We do everything for our babies. I am happy and relieved to see that she is back home now.

  11. Oh heck yea, Gracie is finally home!
    Ain't it amazin' how much we dogs can cost? But I do believes we is worth it...who else could tolerate you hoomans...Bwhahahahaha!


  12. Oooh Bobbi, having sweet Gracie home is the best of all... priceless!... xoxo Julie Marie

  13. So glad she's home and doing well!
    You can have a wonderful birthday celebration at home.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  14. So glad to hear that Gracie is home again. And, you're right...plans can always be changed. Things happen for a reason. Gracie is on the mend and will bounce back better than ever.

    Happy Easter to everyone!

  15. Gracie will soon be owning me too.--Inger

    Samson Says: I'm soo happy Gracie is home! If she was closer, I would bring her my toy. xoxo

  16. I'm so happy that Gracie is back at home.

    I think I've told you before that I have a little sign that reads, "No outfit is complete without dog hair."

    Blessings to you and your family this Easter season.

  17. Gracie...we are so sorry you were sick with the evil stones...but thank goodness you very observant peeps and good Vets to make you well.

    We hope your weekend is full of rest and relaxation. My grannie always says delays are for a reason.
    Hugs Madi

  18. So glad to hear you are home safe and well, I expect you're getting lots of cuddles and treats so that's a good thing! Nice to meet you, Dexter & Louis x

  19. So very happy that Gracie is back home with you where she'll get the best of care.
    Happy Easter, Noreen & Reggie-dog

  20. It's always such a relief when you get to bring your pup home, isn't it? I'm glad Gracie is home and we continue to send healing energy in your direction!!

    PS: I know what you mean about vet bills...That's why we don't go on vacation! :-)))

  21. That is a sweet post. All is well that ends well. Your photos are a running documentary of a little pup that's happy to be home.
    Have a sunny weekend.

  22. Glad Gracie is back home!! I totally understand about the vet bill, but it is worth it to have them feel as best as they can and give us some joy and laughs in our lives :)

    Happy Easter!


  23. I can only begin to imagine how much the vet bill was! But I know Gracie is worth every penny! I am so glad that she is home and I hope is on the road to full recovery!


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