Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Circus Day

Sunday was Circus Day.  

Rissie got her very first face painting...

And I endured...  even though I'm not a big circus fan anymore.

There were very few animal acts this time.  Most were people acts, which is fine with me.  People choose to be a part of the circus.  Animals don't.  

There was something on television one time about animals being treated cruelly to make them cooperate in circus acts.  Are they, always?  Or was that an isolated case?  Regardless... to me they seem unhappy to be here.

So, while I enjoyed the special time with the daughter and the granddaughter...

In my heart I was freeing the elephants... 



  1. My little sister LOVES to have her face painted and then she refuses to wash her face! I think there have been LOTS of allegations and cases of cruelty with circuses - maybe not all of them, but I don't really know.

    Your pal,Pip

  2. I'm with you on those thoughts! Pretty little face though!

  3. I'm with you too Bobbi... I don't like circuses, or theme parks or zoos or anywhere that animals are exploited for human pleasure... they need to be free, to run wild and be what they were meant to be... Rissi looks adorable!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. I hate to hear of abused animals. I volunteer at the animal shelter.I'm glad your grand daughter had a good time. She is so cute.

  5. My mum won't take part in da circus thing...hers skeered of clowns...hehehehe...and da whole animal allegation thing too. Howevers, her has heard from many many many people dat some take VERY good cares of da animals cuz they is what brings da money in but....you nevers really know.
    Rissie looks beeeeeeeautiful as a butterfly.


  6. AW.... I know exactly what you were feeling. Marissa sure does look cute though!

    (Hi, Gracie!)

  7. YES!!! You and me both Bobbi!!! When I was little, my grandmother lived for the day she could take me to the circus. I never really wanted to go, and I hated it, because of making the animals perform. But I never told her that, because she got so much joy out of taking me. Even at circuses where the animals are not abused, their treatment is not good, cages and such. That's why I love Cirque du Soleil, no animals!!! Did Rissie like it? Hey, you can buy really soft face paint markers, I pant Ella's face all the time! You should make my sheep with Rissie, I bet she'd love it, Ella is asking to make more.

  8. Yes the circus is troublesome to a degree...one of my Dad's doesn't like clowns at all...bad experience as a child and can't get rid of it. So my job is to make him feel better whenever I sense a lot of clowning going on!

  9. Oh her face painting is cute! Yeah, I have mixed feelings about the circus animals. Those particular types of animals don't belong caged up riding from show to show. But I am sure a lot of them are treated really good and like to perform tricks.

  10. You have a very cute G-daughter Bobbi!!! I am with you on the poor animals of the circus!!! My heart cries for them!! I know there are a few that are loved and care for pretty well, but they are the exception!!!
    Thanks for your visit.
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  11. Oh how special.... I haven't been to the circus in years and years. Rissie is adorable --and I loved her painted face!!!!

    Children love seeing the animals in the circus. They don't think (like we do) about the fact that they should be FREE....

  12. I'm glad you could see the good that came about from going to the circus! I have to admit that I have never been to the circus and it's because of the reasons that you don't like going...I just can't. Some day I'll have to tell you what friend and I did at a Super Pet Expo when an elephant was there and was NOT getting the breaks that it was supposed too...

  13. As I have gotten older, I, too, don't like animals having to perform and travel, etc. I don't think all trainers are cruel and for some animals, it may be a better life but it is difficult to see them on display anywhere.

  14. Your grand-daughter was so cute getting her face painted and the end results were adorable!!

    I am probably wishy washy when it comes to animals performing. It bothers me to see the bulls in bull riding treated like they are treated; yet to see a horse perform with the rider in barrel racing is thrilling.

    I know there are some animals that enjoy working or having a job to do (corgis are notorious for this reputation; if they don't have a job, herding, they will find a job, i.e. Koda guards the backyard and takes his job seriously, standing on guard for hours, barking at birds and wanting to chase them out of his yard). I don't know what the balance is between that enjoyment of work and abuse of performance

    and that is why I am wishy washy about this whole situation


  15. Glad you got to spend time with your precious grand daughter.
    She is a cutie - pie, and will treasure the memories y'all have made together... I am 37 years old and still love to think back on the times I spent with my dear grandparents... Papaw is gone to Heaven now, but Grannie is still here, and we are STILL making memories...


  16. I am so glad that she had a great time!

    We don't go to the circus either! All it would do is make me sad. I honestly think I'd cry! I remember as a child going to Sea World and being very upset that those whales were in pools instead of the great big ocean. Now, I see zoos a little different. I don't think they are as bad as the circus.


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