Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Positive People

I work in a hearing aid office.  
Several months ago it was with a sad heart, (and after my hubby told me that he died), that I scribbled deceased on Dale Wilkinson's file and tucked that file away neatly in the closet with the other deceased files. 
You can imagine my surprise when the phone rang last week and Dale's voice was on the other end requesting an appointment.  Yes, you guessed it.  Dale was back from the dead.  
Note to self:  Always investigate thoroughly when a patient's name is found in the obituaries.  

Though Dale hadn't died, he had come close.  The past year wasn't a good one for him and he was in the hospital with no hope of recovery.  Against all odds, Dale pulled through and his positive attitude never left him.  Next stop - Nursing home.  "I'm staying 17 days!" Dale told them there... even though they were calculating his $$, his home value, savings etc.

  Seventeen days later, he was home.

Dale lives alone and manages just fine, even though he is in the final stages of kidney failure, needs his mobile chair often, and can't live without his oxygen.  He is in his early 90's.  Since he refuses dialysis, it's important for him to be careful about what he eats and especially his salt intake.  Once a month (with his doctor's approval) he throws caution to the wind and takes his neighbor out for Chinese food.  He already has some of his garden ready for the year, and told me about everything he will be planting.  If you were to meet Dale, there is no way you would not smile.  Why?  Because that's a requirement in order to be involved in conversation with him.  You have to smile.  He says so. 

Positive people.  They make a difference. 

If you're reading this, don't forget to smile.  Otherwise, Dale would not give me permission to post this picture of him.


  1. What a wonderful sweet man! I'm smiling!

  2. Ah Gracie, nice post. Those of us on the downward slope have to be reminded to SMILE... I have turned 65 this year and health things are starting to happen and when you realize your body is not responding like you would like it, it is hard to remember to smile. But your post has reminded me how important it is. Thanks. I needed that. Love the pic of Dale!!! Thanks, L J

  3. So glad he was brought back from the dead! He appears to be a special person and has an infectious smile!

  4. Another thing about Dale,He was in the CIA for over 30 years.He rubbed shoulders with many Presidents and other world leaders.He is chock full of interesting true stories.When I was working, there where times I would leave a slot open for an hour or more just to listen to his life stories...he is a truly an amazing man...

  5. God Bless Dale...his positive attitude is what keeps him going. Much easier to smile than frown.
    What a beautiful post.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Dale sounds like quite the man! And just so you know, your post made me smile from ear to ear.

  7. Is that Dale? He doesn't look anywhere NEAR 90!!! Even though he is so sick! Aren't people like this so inspirational? I hope he lives much, much longer. My friend's mom is now 106. Yes, we did get chased by the police three times and questioned! You can read about it in my post on the Super Moon called "Busted" from last Saturday. Miss you!!

  8. Major Grin...happening here...90 and still kickin'...wtg...Dale!

  9. Oh Bobbi,
    I DID smile even before you told me to! What a great person and influence to have in your life!
    that would be weird getting a phone call from him hearing he had would give me the heebie jeebies..
    thanks for a reflective post!

  10. Oh thanks! This post made me smile :)

  11. That is just wonderfur! And, yes, I is smiling and all my toofies are showing!

  12. I just had to smile... of course! I love reading your posts about the dear, silver haired people of a certain age that you come into contact with.....

    How wonderful to have such a positive outlook!

    Give Miss Gracie a hug from Texas for me....

  13. Woohoo, that is Dale?! He's looking mighty good for a 90-er! Puts me to mind my own grandfather who is almost 97 years old. He still has everything, teeth, eyes, mind, booty, whatever you want to call it. He continues to take walks every day and goes to McDonald's for breakfast every single day. I hope I inherited some of his genes.

    But that is freaky, to think somebody died and they call you up from the grave! I am so glad he is OK.

  14. I'm smilin' Dale!
    Bobbi, I took my Dad to a hearing clinic this week.....he was fitted for both ears! And it was on his own volition! May need you to convince him to wear two, and not just one like he says he is.

  15. I heard Kim mention this story--I had to come see for myself! Amazing story

  16. Dale sounds like and looks like a real sweetheart! It's the patients like him that remind me why I went into the medical field! Thanks for sharing his story and I hope despite his kidney failure, that he has many more years left!

  17. GREAT post and great attitude from a man who has lived a loonnnggg life! Remember the song, "When you're smiling.......the whole world smiles with you!"


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