Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Bigger Bed

Dear Diary,

Okay.  So this is the thing.  In order for me to get comfy at night, I sometimes have to stretch out.  Way out.

If Mom and Dad have issue with that, then they need to get a bigger bed.  
Simple as that.  Gracie.  


  1. We thought the same thing, Gracie, and guess what? They kicked us out altogether! So you better make yourself really small.......

    Jack and Jill

  2. Well Gracie, you live life to the fullest even when asleep!! You are making the most of your comfort and enjoying it thoroughly! In fact, I'm getting quite sleepy now, think I'll toddle off to bed!

  3. Very very true, Gracie. We are the small ones, they are the bigs ones. If they can't be smaller to fit in the bed with us, they should buy bigger beds!


  4. LOL!! Gracie, Koda can surely relate to this post!! I keep reminding him that the bed is big enough if he will just share! he has a way of taking the best part of the bed and leaving us wondering how to move him, which of course he is immovable when deeply asleep


  5. hehehe! I LOVE those photos! Gracie really got relaxed and comfy, didn't she???

    Oh I do love seeing her pictures... she is such a cutie...

    Jazz does that EXACT same post sometimes while sleeping...

    Texas hugs,

  6. oops, I meant the exact same "postition" not post.. just got in from the hospital, kinda sleepy...


  7. Oh Gracie! You have me laughing!!!

  8. Yeppers Gracie! I does that too, hehe. Sleep well my friend! Licky kisses, Billy

  9. Maybe mom and dad should sleep on the couch and leave you in peace!

    Your pal, PIp

  10. I agree with Pip... maybe your mom and dad should sleep somewhere else??? After all, YOU own THEM!... big slobbery doggie kisses to you!... Tessy

  11. I've heard those same thoughts Gracie!! When we were in Tennessee, we had a king-sized bed--It meant all the dogs that came with us could get up there and they LOVED it!!

    By the way, read your post about positive people...You are so very very right. I finally cut the ties yesterday with the ones in my life that weren't. It really does make a difference!!

    I hope you both are enjoying your day--I'm cold...Where did spring go?

  12. Yes Gracie is right you need a bigger bed!! Gracie's says I am so cute don't you want to please me Mom, bigger bed!!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  13. I second that statement Gracie....
    I'm told I sleep like a Great Dane,
    Hugs Madi

  14. Gracie actually hurries in to bed at night around about the time she thinks we'll be going in - That way she gets the prime spot right in the middle. Then she'll give me a dirty look when I come in like, 'what, do i have to move now?' What a dog!!

  15. Gracie, Just be glad you only share your bed with just your mom and day and not with a couple of brothers too.

  16. Angel, the GSD (German Shepherd Dog)Says: Agreed!

  17. You told them, didn't you, Gracie? They should be grateful you are not a Boxer, for instance. How about that?
    Love to you and your mom!

  18. Bobbi do I have your email address?? I would like to tell you about my intestinal problems someday when I have lots of time.
    Yes the coconut oil will help him I think!! Get some oil and cook with it and then later get some pills and start taking them. That way you will ease into them. They are so good for you and your dog!! I am glad you did look them up!!
    xx, Fern

  19. If you kicked them out, the bed wouldn't be nearly so cozy. Just snuggle up tight and enjoy the warmth of togetherness.

  20. Gracie
    You are so wise. I know many many doggies who would agree with you. Doesn't it just make everyone happier - when they all fit in a big bed? More room for snuggles.

  21. Too funny! Gracie, it definitely looks like you need a bigger bed! I hope you get one!


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