Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A Message To My Daughter

 Psalm 139: 13 - 14

For You formed my inward parts;

         You covered me in my mother’s womb.
  I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
         Marvelous are Your works, 
         And that my soul knows very well.

 07/09/87  I could see your form growing inside of me.  I couldn't believe how blessed I was. 
 Baby #3.  

Our house was small.  Four rooms and a bath.  So we made the hall you're nursery.  Your dad hung the wallpaper and I took what was left over and cut out little bears and stuck them onto your lamp.  
Then we waited.  

Feb. 9, 1988  You were born.

Your brothers couldn't wait to hold you.  Our little house was warm with love on that cold, blustery February day when we brought you home....  I remember thinking that life could never be any better than it was at that moment. And it never has been.

Fast Forward 18 years.  

The Circle of Life.  


 Left - you and me. 
 Right- You and Rissa.


Left= you
Right= Rissa

(Same dress)


 Left = you
Right = Rissa


Left = Rissa
Right = You 

Do you remember Mr. Clown?  

You said you would marry him someday. LOL> 

And do you remember Carol???  Your alter-ego?  She was so outgoing and always ready to give hugs... unlike the more reserved and shy Lindsey.

 Do you remember all the times we would take care of Grandma?  The long days we spent at the dialysis center as I learned how to take care of her, and you would sit quietly coloring and reading for sometimes six hours at a time.  You always wanted to be right by my side when I took care of Grandma.  
She loved you so much!

Now what you might not know is that...  when you were just a few days old, and decided  you didn't want to sleep in the middle of the night, I dressed you up in silly clothes and took pictures of you.  ((HUGs))

Then you'd get tired and fall asleep.

 Do you remember your first car?  Oh, how that car took a beating!  I'll bet you didn't know that I prayed for you earnestly day and night.  
Thank God He protected you.

I guess He had a plan for you...  

And then you brought the
 beautiful Marissa into my life.

Happy Birthday Lindsey!  I love you!!


  1. That was Such a beautiful tribute...Happy Birthday to your Daughter! :o)
    Thank you for visiting me, you have a wonderful day to.

  2. Happy Birthday Wishes to Lindsey! What a lovely post Bobbi. I loved seeing the pictures and comparisons. What beautiful blessings!

  3. What a lovely, heartfelt post. Your daughter is very lucky to have such a warm mama.

  4. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter! Feb 9th is a special day for me too, my 3rd child was born that day too, only longer ago. Marissa does favor her quite a bit in looks! Love the comparison pictures! Um... did she marry Mr. Clown?

  5. I'm crying now. What a beautiful, beautiful post!!! The dressing her up at night was so funny! And the now and then pictures, fantastic. I can see how much love went into this, it just EXPLODES on the screen!! Happy Birthday, Lindsey!!! Do you know what a fantastic, loving mom you have? It's not as common as you may think.

  6. Beautiful!!
    Happy Birthday Lindsey :)

  7. That was beautiful. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.

  8. Hi Bobbi! The large carousel horses came from ebay 5 years ago, they are antique props and they belonged to a prop company in california that closed many years ago. The lady that sold them is the daughter of the owner of the prop company. Her mother passed away and she was selling all the things. I have another one that isn't in the picture, I'm slowly repainting it... :O)

  9. What a fun trip down memory lane. Precious family is so important.

  10. OK, I smiled through the entire post, what wonderful memories, and it's great to have them captured in photos. I'm so happy you shared them.
    Your family is beautiful!

    Also, I love your blog header pic. of Gracie


  11. That ie very special! Happy Birthday Lindsey!

  12. What a wonderful post. I just loved it. Happy Birthday LIndsay--that alter ego was too cute :)

  13. That is soooo sweet. What a great idea to put the pictures side by side. I hope she loved the post as much as we have.

  14. Hi Bobbi!...What a darling post! Happy Birthday Lindsey!... they really do look sooo very much alike, both beautiful!... thank you to Gracie for meeting Tess and entering her doggie bloggie giveaway, and offering to give her a few "pointers"... tee hee hee, we got a big kick out of that!... xoxo Julie Marie

  15. Bobbi, that was very moving and thoughtful. You are both so fortunate to be in each others lives.

  16. That's about the best birthday card I think I've ever read! :-)

  17. Beautiful! I hope your daughter had a great birthday!


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