Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cabin Fever

When I came out of work tonight I realized something wonderful.  It was 6 PM and still light out.  Yes!

I can remember when the days started getting shorter...  and then when we 'fell backwards' with the time.  It was pitch dark when I'd leave work at 6 PM.  I'd go home, put on my jammies and wait for bedtime.  I'm not a fan of late fall/winter.  Not at all.

Above you can see the doors I go in every morning, and come out of every evening.  Inside = no windows.  

Fuzzy picture of Gracie above with her best buddy Gumby.  She made me LOL earlier.  She was sulking, and Gary said to her "Gracie, do you want to go for a walk?"  Well, she came to life like magic, and I thought her head was going to pop off PLUS her eyes were as big and bright as saucers ...   When she found out he was just playing with her, she plopped her head back down *SIGH*!  

I'm pretty sure she has cabin fever.

And today's post was brought to you
 by Tommy, my Grand-kitty. 

 Is he adorable... or what?!


  1. Winter months are depressing to me; I always look forward to it staying light longer in the evenings. I worked at Internal Revenue Service one summer. The place was huge and not a window in sight. It was so strange to come out in the evenings and see that it had rained, snowed etc. and we had no clue!
    That's a sweet kitty. Poor Gracie; she's looking forward to nicer weather too. If we say the word RIDE, Harriet comes to life. Hope you have a nice and restful weekend.

  2. Poor Gracie!! It it really still light at 6? I think you're right!! I'm going out to snap the sunset tomorrow, I will time the darkness!!

  3. Oooh your little grandkitty is precious!... I am so excited that it is staying lighter later... I don't like winter either... I think Gracie has cabin fever too... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Very cute Grand Kitty! Longing for even longer days, it is finally coming along nicely though! Poor Gracie, if we say "walk" to Jack, he goes berzerk, tries to put his head in the harness, he just can't wait!

  5. We noticed the days are beginning to lengthen again ever so slightly. Praise God!
    I LOVE Sears - - - especially their Craftsman tools.

  6. i can hear the kitty purr,,, i do think kitty and Gracie have cabin fever, and want spring.
    kitty is so adorable.... we want spring too..
    daylight at 6 yeaaaaaaa

  7. I thinks dis time change is stoopid, gets me all outta whack. Bunch of nonsense...Oh and then you has other states dat don't change. What up with dat?

    Poor Gracie DOES have cabin fever and we all knows what happens to doggies when they gets dat way....they kill Barbies...bwhahahahahaha!
    Heeeeeeello Little kitteh!

    PS: Uh, thoughts you might wanna knows dat I is a girl...hehehehe!

  8. Poor Gracie. It will get better honey. Do you ever play with that cute kitty Gracie? love, Billy

  9. I hate the long dark nights of winter. I am so glad that the days are getting longer again. I think it will make us all feel better - even our dogs.

  10. Hehehehe...dats okays Ms Bobbi, I gets mistaken fur a boy aaaaaaaall da time cuz I is so tomboyish...even in my pink collar and leash they say "HE"S so cute"!!!!!!
    It don't matters cuz I still loves ya.


  11. We have cabin fever too! I hope Gracie finds some creative ways to pass the time!

  12. Hi Bobbi,
    I want you to know that I came to your blog a lot more
    more than you know.
    Things are not working for me on your blog the way they
    should!! I know it is blogger not you!!!!
    I can not get a new dog right away!!!! Nice to know I am not alone.
    xx Fern

  13. Poor Gracie. We are having a bit of cabin fever here as well. Finally got out today, but it is still so cold. Warmer temps are on the way and I am so relieved.

  14. The grand-kitty is a cutie, indeed.

    If you say "wanna go bye-bye?" at our house, you will have two big dogs going absolutely nuts!

    Poor Gracie - we are all suffering from cabin fever, sweetheart.

  15. We changed our timers on our landscaping lights the other weekend. That's always something that cheers me up and makes me realize spring will be here soon!

    Your Grandkitty is definitely adorable!


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