Monday, January 31, 2011

Dr. Phil

Guess who called our house the other night?

Good ol' Dr Phil.  Well, it wasn't actually him that called... but an assistant producer.  Once again, they wanted Gary to do a show on Parental Alienation.  This is the 4th time they've called us in the past few years.  

 Gary said "OF COURSE I WILL!"

But the problem is, they won't do a show without both the mother and father of the alienated child.  Gary's X refuses to go on.  Why would she?  Guilty people don't want to be exposed.  His daughter was drugged, brainwashed, bribed, and hypnotized and finally she turned against her father.  I used to be angry about it, but I'm not so much any more.  I'm mostly sad.  

And so...  the show once again will not happen.  

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Gary's daughter was turned against him in '06 in one of the cruelest, most horrible cases of parental alienation I've yet to find.   I didn't even know what parental alienation was!  When I googled some of the things that were going on, that's when I discovered what was happening.  

Jealousy is terrible thing.  I'm sorry that the X felt threatened.  We did not mean for her to feel that way. We only wanted Athena to feel loved.

Some memories.  The last few pictures were of the last time we ever saw Athena. After that visit, she was not to return.

 She is now an adult.


  1. This is so sad....My husband's kids have nothing to do with him...his ex (deceased now)turned is kids against him when they were young because she didn't like that he moved on and met me and we married. His kids are grown as well and he hasn't heard from them in years. His daughter never even told him she was having a baby, he found that out the day she gave birth, from a phone call from his step daughter...I feel for you both. hugs, Jennifer

  2. Well, that is just sad, what is her reasoning for not going on Dr Phil - besides guilt? You would think she would want to be on the show and tell her side of the story, if she thinks she's so bleep right in not letting Gary see Athena!


  3. Oh gosh, this is heartbreaking! Now that she is an adult, can't she think for herself? Does she still believe all the brainwashing? Doesn't she ever think of the wonderful times in these pictures and wonder? You are right about why she will not go on Dr. Phil. He would see through her in a minute!!

  4. This is sure heartbreaking! Someday....................

  5. Dang, I was hoping you could tells Dr. Phil dat I has issues dat I was hoping he could work out fur me...never mind, I is a lost cause.

    Nows, I previously read some bouts dis situation and IT IS horrible. And I could say lots of other words but I won't:) It is beyond me how any mother to could dat to her child, regardless of how her feels bouts da X...her just sounds to be an extremely immature and and self-centered person...among other things. Okays, I thinks I should prolly just shush nows.

    It breaks my little heart to knows dis all went on and I send you and Gary big hugs...just becuz I thinks ya'll could use one. OMD, am I bein' nice?


  6. So sad Bobbi. And the 'saga' continues! Ever cons"idered trying the 'Joy Behar Show". She is very fair I find, mind you she has her own opinions on things. But she would be a great advocate to have for Gary and other parents in his position. After all, it's this whole parental alienation that is the point here and if Gary's ex is not cooperative at this point, he should find another avenue to get out his 'message' and maybe save another child from this trap!
    It may be too late for his daughter I am afraid to say, but if people understood what was happening here it would address the issue and cause laws to be changed.

    Hopefully his daughter will come around eventually when she matures and 'sees' what has happened. Here's hoping....

  7. Now that Athena is an adult, there will come a day when she will want to establish contact with her dad again. Then she will see, slowly, that he is the real dad of her memories. Hopefully, that day will come soon!


  8. Insecurity is a wicked, evil thing. I'm so sorry about this. Every time I think about it, it makes me sick to my stomach. I think I would go mad if I were kept from my son.

    JMO, but it feels to me like the Dr. Phil Show just wants the sensationalism of the back and forth between the Ex's; otherwise, this point can surely be made without the ex's sitting there. I mean, that IS the true definition of alienation, right? If his ex was so readily available on this subject, there would be nothing to talk about. Sorry, but that is the way it looks to me from here. I think your husband is entitled to a much classier and more respectful forum.

    As always, my prayers for your husband and his plight.

  9. What a shame. I have never been able to understand a parent who does stuff like this. It is an unfortunate situation. Hopefully one day Athena will be reunited with her dad and realize their separation wasn't his fault.

  10. This is so wrong. I pray that his daughter contact him and they will be able to work through this. I do know that with God all things are possible. I am new to your blog. Really like it!

  11. Bobbi,

    This is truly one of the saddest things that I have ever read! I hate this for Gary! I have never understood why a parent would want to do this to their child. Let her think for herself and make her own decisions! Maybe someday she'll see through the smoke and mirrors and realize that her Mom has really been the problem all along!


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