Monday, December 6, 2010

Mondays Mug: The Love Mug

Hubby gifted me with this mug one year around Valentines day, and it's shaped like a heart.  

The Love Mug

This mug makes a good Hot Chocolate mug!  Just add mini marshmallows, put in a good movie *It's a Wonderful Life,  recline in your comfy chair, and say 'aah'.  

Just make sure someone in the room has a handful of marshmallow's to toss across the room for the dog or she won't leave you alone.

It's the perfect time of year to enjoy this wonderful mug.  

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Hot chocolate sounds good to me and your heart-shaped mug is very pretty. It's 28 degrees in GA this morning and very windy! So Gracie likes marshmallows? She's cute as a button! Wishing you a good Monday.

  2. It's always good to have a fave mug! I sure have one!

  3. Aahhh! Aren't the simple things in life just grant?

  4. I just laughed at the thought of you trying to get down your cocoa before Gracie runs out of marshmallows!

  5. Morning Gracie and Mom!!!
    I expect it is as cold up your way as it is down here in Dixie!! The weather gurus say this week is going to be plain old fashion bone chillin' cold. 18 tonight.

    Do you have enough marshmallows for a poor deprived kitty who has never in all her 8 years tasted one? If so, leave the light on.
    Hugs Madi

  6. You don't dare having hot chocolate and marshmallows around here without have a mound of them to share - even DC thinks she has to have one. Jack likes to catch them, while Jill likes to see where they land first. :-)

  7. Darling mug Bobbi... and how cute Gracie loves mini marshmallows!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. What a sweet mug- marshmallows are one of Lilly's favorite treats - she can hear the bag open from anywhere in the house.

  9. Good Morning Bobbi,
    You know what?? We don't eat Marshmallows !!!! Way too much sugar!! We have given up sugar!! We all feel so much better without sugar in our life!! Really,,you are what you eat!! Sugar is a bad source of something to put in your mouth and body!!! Boy get rid of her,, you're saying to yourself right now!!!! She's a stick in the mud!!
    I know I use to eat lots of bad for me things!!!
    But we changed when I would get so sick!! I was asthmatic!! Tom has cured that for me now. I haven't had to see the lung doctor for 5 years!!!
    xxoo, Fern

  10. You too Bobbi! I just got back from shelves of the thrift shop. So would have liked it.

  11. Another cool mug! And I love the size of it for hot chocolate! I bet it does warm the tummy on a cool winter day!


  12. What a cool and romantic Valentine gift!! That would sure wake you up and cheer you up in the morning!! Now how about getting Gracie a water bowl shaped like a bone?

  13. Bobbi,
    What a cool mug...and I have to tell you, our golden loves marshmallows. We can't ever roast them without giving him some beucase he is right under our feet!
    I hope you enjoyed your cuddle and the movie! My favorite Christmas movie is Bing Crosby's 'White Christmas' ahhh...

  14. I just had hot chocolate last night. Yum!

  15. You have given my the Mom the most wonderful idea... and I fank you!!!

    wif love from the Luke

    P.S. I love the video above. <3

  16. Hi Bobbi, Thanks for coming to my blog. Please come back anytime... I am enjoying yours --and love seeing your Gracie... What a cutie!!!!!

    Love your idea of drinking some hot chocolate with that gorgeous mug, watching a great Christmas movie--all cuddled up in your 'blankie'.... I'd have some candles lit and be sitting by a roaring fire in the fireplace...That is the LIFE.



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