Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jazzi's Christmas Gift Exchange

Thank you Jazzi, for doing such a wonderful job at organizing the awesome Christmas gift exchange that Gracie was a part of.  

Thanks also to Minnie for the fantastic box of goodies Gracie got in the mail.  She loved everything!!  How do I know, you ask??  Well, I just happened to peek into her diary today, and this is what I found.

Dear Diary,  

Remember the box that came in the mail last week with my name on it? 

Well, it was filled with goodies just for me!!!  
Mom had signed me up for Jazzi's Christmas gift exchange and my new friend Minnie had my name and sent me a whole box of goodies!

I was sooooo excited!

I couldn't wait to see what was in the pretty red bag.  I could smell it and it smelled like...

Something good...

Ha!  It was a toy!!  I had to beg, 'Let me have it Dad.  C'mon, I'm not fooling around here.  That's my toy...  Minnie sent it to me...'

I loved the treats.

And the little ball. 

Boy, there sure was a lot of neat stuff packed in that box for lil-ol'-me!
The ones that say sojos on the box are really, really good.  Mom gives me one every morning after I go out to potty.

I love my Christmas Reindeer.  She's so pretty and she squeaks every time I sink my teeth into her belly.

They need not even try to get this one off of me... 

Now, my Mom spent a lot of money trying to get these pesky critters off of me during the summer. She's given me permission to go ahead and play with this one.  She confuses me.

So now I don't have fleas any more but I have one huge tick.  And I plan on ripping it's guts out just as soon as my Mom's back is turned.  

I love my Christmas gifts.  



  1. Marissa is such a sweetie! Oh, can't forget Gracie, she has her gifts already? Lucky Girl! That Tick looks mean, I don't blame you for beating it up - if you do!

  2. Oh Gracie, I love you so much!... how fun to have a bloggy doggie swap! Looks like you got so many fun gifts... doggie kisses... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Your blog is FUN to read. Thanks for stopping by to see me.

  4. what a great box of goodies Gracie! I bet you enjoyed checking each one of them out! Enjoy!


  5. What a precious video!! Did you tell me how old she is? I love the pictures of Gracie jumping and laying on her reindeer. A giant TICK, EGADS!!

  6. What a great idea for a gift exchange. Gracie, you looks beautiful and what a lot of great toys and treats!

  7. My fave Christmas song!!!! All those wonderful gifts........WOW!

  8. Boy, isn't she a lucky girl getting all those presents BEFORE Christmas...cute cute pictures!

  9. That is one super cool package Gracie. You have lots to play with and yah, rip that ole Tick to pieces. Check out our blog, I got your gifts and I love em!!


  10. What a great idea! I guess dogs have an early Christmas.....from now on!

  11. Hi Gracie... we were just over at Jazzi's checking out her gifts from the Christmas Exchange. What a great box of goodies you rec'd from Minnie. BTW you are name was almost Gracie..because I'm gray...but somehow I ended up being Madi instead. I think I like your reindeer toy to most.


  12. Oh, Gracie, you are one lucky dog to have friends like Minnie.

  13. What a beautiful post. My Isabel has one of those reindeer toys and she absolutely loves it, despite the fact that it is nearly bigger than her! Loved the post!

  14.'s ME, Puddles! Thank you so much fur droppin' by my bloggie. We will be back on schedule today...thank goodness.
    Gosh, you sure did score big time with all dat good stuffs in da mail. Dat tick be crackin' me up...hehehe!


  15. Hi Gracie! We saw your comment on our blog and came right over to see...we shopped around quite a bit to find good things for the gift exchange. So happy you like them!


  16. Oh how sweet Gracie! Looks like you got some great gifts. I think the tick is really cute!


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