Monday, December 27, 2010

It Was Hard To Say Goodbye To Socks

Have you ever gone against the rules and did something totally bizarre....  ???

 I always wanted a house pet.  Preferably a dog.  But my landlord at the time said, "NO PETS!"

It was the summer of 2003 I believe...  and Gary's daughter Athena was with us.  While he worked, Athena and I visited the pet store.

"Please, lets get him... Please... look at those eyes!" she begged. I was too busy looking at her eyes.
I knew it was a bad idea, but I did it anyway. We named him Socks.... and he was with us for a total of three hours, then we returned him to the pet store  from whence he came...  thanks to the level headed advice of my hubby who insisted we'd get found out and end up living in the streets for disobeying our landlord's no pet's rule.

It was hard to say goodbye to Socks... 
 He was so adorable!!

And I am such a pushover.  


  1. Beautiful little kitten. The reason we have 3 cats is because folks are always dumping kittens out here because we live on a dead end street.

    Any plans for New Year's?

  2. Oh, gee, look at that sweet little face!

    Ya, I am a pushover too.....

  3. Awww! Looks like you have a heart of gold! Socks was just adorable, do you ever wonder where he is now?

  4. I wonder who socks ended up with? Imagine if they find him here while blogging around!

  5. That was an adorable kitty! To bad you couldn't keep him.

  6. He was a cutie! It is very hard to say no sometimes to our kiddos I know! I finally made the rule that new pets had to have a life expectancy of how ever many years the Boy has left till suddenly dawned on me how many critters I will be taking care of when he leaves home,lol!

  7. Yes, those eyes would make it awfully hard to say no. He was a real cutie.
    I want to take in or adopt every stray and rescue animal I see. I would have had a hard time saying goodbye too.

  8. I am like Mildred - - our cats are all strays, too. The oldest cat is now 15 and the youngest is at least 3 or 4 - - - because we couldn't say "no" - - - but we were living in houses at the time and had only our rules.

  9. I am a pushover when it comes to kitties. After the fourth stray we took in I was serious about not having anymore but when Jack showed up, and it got cold and he came so now there are five, 3 over the bylaw limit, but wth wish people would stop dumping them on our street, we live pretty much just across the humane society, so people let them out on the street instead of taking them in. But I must say...Jack is such a blessing, the best and sweetest cat I ever had. I love him to pieces.

  10. I love animals and can't say no to even the wild ones!! Coons, possums, rabbits, you name it I'll feed it!!! I love love love them!!!!!
    No I don't wear a hearing aid. I don't have time to tell you the whole story now. E mail me at fern, someday and maybe I will then.
    xx, Fern

  11. Sometimes you just have to do the right thing for all concenred and that was it. Now you have Gracie!!!
    Hugs Madi

  12. Socks is adorable! I can see how you could get pulled into that decision! Sorry you couldn't keep him. I am sure that he found a wonderful home.


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