Friday, November 12, 2010

There Was Something About The Night

This is Dan's Rock in the daytime. 

 A delightful place.

So often we go there and
 climb the rocks to the top 
and marvel at the beautiful view below. 
 It is awesome beyond words!  

I confess. 
 I have participated in 
the graffiti on the rocks
 and our children have as well.

The view is breathtaking.

A feeling of peace comes over me 
that can't be put into words.
 I feel close to God.

This is Dan's Rock at night.

One of our best night-time visits there was a magical summer night a couple of years ago.  A beautiful display of shooting stars kept us entertained for hours as we listened to teenagers in different areas of the Rock talking about school, teachers and boys.  

a picture of the moon

Tonight was clear.  "Let's go," Gary said.  So we hopped in the car and were on our way.

My hubby has an eye for anything out of the ordinary.  He once stopped his car in the middle of a busy freeway to retrieve a box of wedding invitations that had fallen from someone's car and returned them to their owners. 

 Today he found someone's check for over $700 on the mall parking lot.  We googled the name and the person came to pick up her check at our office.

On our way up to the rock, he saw something in the sky.... very out of the ordinary.

"Look!  Do you see that?"  He said.

It's a winding, dark road that goes to the rock...
 plenty of trees and few houses.

"Oh my gosh! What is it?" I said.

It was eerie. . 

 In the black sky we saw what 
looked like a plane crossing the horizon, 
There was glow about it with a trail of different colors that followed behind it.  But then it vanished.  

Now... as you get closer to the rock, 
the houses are all gone. 
 There are no lights.  
Nothing but trees. 
 I've never thought of it as scary before, 
even at midnight.  

But tonight!  

Have you ever been so afraid 
that your eyes watered?  

There was something spooky 
about the night.

I felt like I was in a slasher movie, 
and someone was going to jump out
 at our car at any moment.

Gary stopped the car and turned
off the lights.

There were no teenagers there tonight. 
 No party people.  No thrill seekers. 
 Just hubby and me in the black of night. 

Usually there's a dim light there, but it was out.  

"Can we just go home?"  I said.  "I'm afraid."

"Let's get out of here." Gary said.

There was something about the night 
that just freaked me out.


  1. You got it, spooky!

    Lovely spot during the day though!

  2. It is pretty though during the day! But I agree, if it didn't seem "right", it was good to leave there earlier than later tonight!! We have a park we walk around with Koda and sometimes would go there at night (until the park ranger "kicked" us out saying the park closed at sunset). Anyway, I remember one night we were walking and we kept hearing foot prints behind us but when we looked behind us there was nothing we saw. We were both so glad when we got back to the van and left here. Not sure if it was our imagination, but something didn't seem right indeed!!

    good observations your husband has to have found the wedding invitations and the check!


  3. What an intriguing place... oooh, I would want to go back once more at night and see if the same thing happens... but I would make sure all of the car doors were locked!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Funny how we are not used to the pitch dark! But it does sound like a beautiful place Bobbi.The view is spectacular!

  5. Ohhh,I love a spooky story!I don't like it to happen to me,lol,I just like to hear about it from other folks!

  6. Very beautiful during the day! We've participated in a little rock graffiti up on the Blue Ridge Parkway before!

    Now, I am TERRIFIED of the dark so I wouldn't even go there at night.


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