Friday, November 12, 2010

Except For This Lovely

When I step out into the cold morning, 
I've been noticing a heavy frost on the cars 
and covering the ground.

My wildflowers finally died off. 
 I went to bed one night and they 
were still green... got up the next day
 and they were brown.  

Everything we worked so hard planting 
at springs beginning...  gone.

Except for this lovely.
We planted forget-me-nots here, 
but they never grew.  
This lone petunia grew instead.   

It refuses to die, in spite of heavy frost
 and much colder temperatures.  

Life's like that too.  Some of the unexpected
 surprises are the ones that are most beautiful.


  1. Yep, "tunies" are tough!

    So are our Grandchildren.

    Good Morning!

  2. Our flowers are holding their own here. There was a havey frost last night, so we'll see what they look like when we get home from work. The kiddos are so cute! Our little people moved far,far away last May and we really miss them!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. that petunia is your hope for spring, that even though the winter will be cold and lifeless, new growth will be waiting in the days ahead!

    beautiful grands!! always a joy I'm sure to have them around!


  4. Sounds like the pansies that we plant. Those are some tough flowers!


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