Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Homes of Tomorrow

 One of the things I love the most about my hubby is his sense of adventure.  Hovering at the opposite of my introverted self, is his extroverted self. He will go out on a limb, go where no man has gone, ignore stupid rules (only the stupid ones), and convince me that I should do the same> LOL 

REWIND - 2002

Lake Michigan, about ten minutes
 from where Gary lived in Indiana.

  I was a little hesitant about touring the homes that sat abandoned along Lakeshore Drive overlooking Lake Michigan that day, but after Gary educated me on their unique history...  I was in! 

So we ignored the No Tresspassing signs and carefully crept inside, investigating every nook and cranny and immagining what it must have been like back at the 1933 Worlds Fair as people in 30's attire, eager for a peek into the future walked through and were wowed by these model homes.  

Holding onto the spiral staircase's banister I carefully glanced back to make sure we weren't about to be busted.  We were alone. 

 In case you don't know about the Houses of the Future that were a part of Chicago's World's Fair in 1933, here is some of it's history.  You can also click on the Title Link of my post and go directly to the sight. 

A Century of Progress:
The 1933 Chicago World's Fair boasted a Century of Progress celebrating man's innovations in architecture, science, technology and transportation.  One interesting and enduring exhibit was the Homes of Tomorrow Exposition that demonstrated modern home convenience and creative practical new building materials and techniques. 

After the exposition ended in 1936, the homes were put on barges and moved across the lakes to Indiana and Illinois.  A couple of homes were moved to Chicago suburb s while five were placed at Beverly Shores to help spark development in the late 30's.  The development never happened; however, the Indiana park service maintained the homes after the original occupants moved.  

Five of the original homes have survived the last 70 years on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Several of the designs have also been erected in other states

 The Florida Tropical House



When I saw this one, I fell in love with it. 
It's right above Lake Michigans shore and on a clear day you can see Chicago on the horizon.  The view is spectacular... and the house has character that is beyond words! 

 "If ever I win the lottery," I said, "This house is mine!" 
Sure, it needs completely overhauled.  But that would be half the fun. 
 Remember friend's...
this one's already spoken for...  hee hee...

We tried to get in, but it was locked tight.   
  We did peek in all the windows though. 
Check out that view!

The House of Tomorrow



"Come on, let's go have a look..."




We could've used a fire in that stove.  Brrrrr it was chilly...

Needs a little work, wouldn't you say?

And to think, these fine 'Homes of the Future" were brought over on a barge!

Okay, that was fun. 

 Then it was on to a place that makes
the best hamburgers ever!  Really!


  1. very interesting "field trip". It makes you wish some preservation society would restore them and then make them part of a tour or something. just to sit empty and idle for so many years seems such a shame


  2. I agree with Betty, it is such a shame, they are nearly 80 years old and the historical society should take them over and do some repairs - would make a great tour (and income) for that area!
    I really like the round one, with all the light!

  3. This has been great fun, because I like to see inside of houses, the outside only make me curious! Those steps look kind of rickety, I would have been afraid to walk on them!! You ARE brave!! Thae one looks like the top of a lighthouse! It is one of the strangest houses I've seen, both inside and out. This story is real interesting. Now you ARE going to show us that hamburger place, aren't you?

  4. Well Ginny... I must confess, I didn't take a picture of the hamburger place. I think I was too caught up in eating. But trust me, it was good!

  5. Actually,they are restoring these houses.Last time we visited Indiana they where still working on them.Its going slow probably because of the money situation.If we ever get out there again we will update.Enjoy...and have a great day.

  6. What gems these houses were! And probably still could be if they were taken care of. What a shame indeed. Would love a house like the 'pink' one. Very modern for the 1930's. Very nice...loved this post Bobbi!

  7. Our Dad likes to explore, too! He thinks old houses are awesome. These are really cool! Mom likes that pink one, too - but it would have to be in a warmer climate :)

    The Road Dogs

  8. Those houses are amazing! It's a shame they were left to disrepair! I love to look at old homes so I would have chanced getting caught too!



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