Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yard sale in the neighborhood

Right in the middle of cleaning the house I noticed (as I peeked out the window) that there was a yard sale in the neighborhood so I grabbed my pocketbook and ran.

This stand that I picked up for $3 freed up some space in my hall closet.  I can never resist little stands or tables...  my mindset is always... "I'll find something I can use it for..."  And I did!

I finally put my dried  wildflowers together to make an arrangement.  It was more work than worth if you ask me, but here they are...  Don't mind me.  Seeing summer wind down is always sad for me...  

So I pruned my very-dry- and-dead hydrangea bush.  I'd never done this before, and later did research on how to do it. It probably should have been done weeks ago.  I hope it blooms okay next year.

Remember how pretty they were at 
the beginning of summer?
 *sniff, sniff*  

I always feel better if I can move furniture 
around a bit.  So I switched chairs with Gracie. 
 Yes, she has her own recliner...  

Gracie hates change.  


  1. Good Morning! What a neat yard sale find! Your dried flowers turned out really nice! The hydrangea did look fabulous! I know nothing about the pruning though. I never move furniture around, no place to move it, I guess.

    Thought I had joined your blog, but I don't see my pale mug there, will try to take care of that, sorry!

    Have a nice Sunday!

  2. Wow, cute stand! I think hydrangeas are so pretty, but I don't have one growing in my yard. I hate to see summer end and school begin! However, I am ready for cooler weather.

  3. Hi, Gracie! I had to put your mom's blog in my sidebar so I wouldn't forget to visit you regularly. That means a lot of times. The stand is really neat and what a good deal. I hope you all have a nice Sunday.--Inger

  4. Thanks for the reminder...I have to 'find' some new dried flowers. Yours are lovely.
    And Gracie, aren't humans ALWAYS moving things around!

  5. Bobbi is forever moving things,including my things.Thank God the toilet is nailed down!!

    Love ya Bobbi,Gary-Bear

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  9. Gracie is truly blessed. :-)


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